2014 HUD Data Standards PowerPoint

2014 HUD Data Standards
New & Active Clients
• All ESG, CoC and SSVF funded agencies are
required to begin collecting data on new and
active clients based on the 2014 data
• For clients who came in before Oct. 1st and are
still active in your program, you will need to
gather new data on exit/annual review for
CoC/ monthly review for RRH.
Language Changes
• Program refers to Federal, State, and Local
funding sources (CoC, HMIS, HOPWA)
• Project refers to the work being done
(Emergency shelter, RRH & TH, PSH, etc.)
• Head of Household(Only one person in the
household should be the head of the
• “Don’t know” becomes “Client doesn’t know”
Universal Data Elements
Veteran Status* (adult only, it becomes part of the client record)
Disabling Condition* (adult only, yes/no question)
Residence prior to Project Entry/Length of Stay in Previous Place
Project Entry Date/Project Exit Date
Personal ID/Household ID
Relationship to Head of Household
Client Location Code*
Length of time on street/emergency shelter/safe haven* (adult or Head of
ESG & CoC Required Data Elements
Housing Status
Income and Sources
Non cash benefits
Health insurance*
Disability Information
Domestic Violence
Contact—(Outreach only)
Date of Engagement (Outreach only)
Residential Move in Date (Rapid Rehousing only, In
Interim—Update Assessment)
• Housing Assessment at Exit (Prevention only)
Client Record
• Name Data Quality
• Veteran status will only be collected once, similar to
the Name and SSN fields. This will be shared amongst
projects the same as name and SSN field.
– Should only be updated for the following:
• True data error
• Client became a veteran
• Minor who didn’t answer the question but turned 18
• Please check the accuracy of veteran question with
detail after Oct. 1 HMIS will take the most recent
answer to this question, not what you answered
Update Client Consent
• Added veteran status to list of things being
shared with all agencies (name, last 4 of SSN,
year of birth)
• Please discontinue using old ROI and use new
ROI. It is available on our website/bas-net
news section
CoC Location Code
• You will need to select our CoC Location code
for every client. Our CoC location code is
NY508 Erie/Niagara
• We will also have NY504 Cattaraugus County’s
CoC Code visible, you must ALWAYS select NY
Length of Stay in ES/SH/Street
1. ) Continuously homeless for
at least one year?
• Yes
• No
• Client doesn’t know
• Client refused
2. ) Number of times the client
has been homeless in the past 3
• 0
• 1
• 2
• 3
• 4 or more
• Client doesn’t know
• Client refused
Length of Stay in ES/SH/Street (Cont’)
3.)(If 4 or more times)
Total number of Months
Homeless in the Past
Three Years:
• If 0-12 Months, specify:
• More than 12 months
• Client doesn’t know
• Client refused
4.)Total number of
months continuously
homeless immediately
prior to project entry:
5)Status Documented
Zip Code /Reason/ES and TH list
• Local CoC will continually required to collect
– Zip Code of Last Permanent Residence
– Reason For Homelessness
– Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing Lists
Income and Non-Cash Benefits
• Children’s income and non-cash benefits should now
be recorded under the Head of Household’s income
and non-cash benefits.
• Multiple adults in the same household should keep
their incomes and benefits separate.
• Health insurance is still required to be recorded for
each client, including children
• When a child ages into adulthood, their information
should be updated to include their income and
Interim Review
• Interim Review is utilized to record updates and
the Annual Assessment. Updating on the client
profile page will no longer be valid.
• Clients who stayed one year or longer are
required to complete the Annual assessment 1
year from client anniversary+/- 30 days for APR
purpose. Please select “Annual Assessment” on
• Bowman is working on creating an alert to
indicate when annual assessment is due, but this
is not available yet. You can create a case plan,
and a reminder will be set up that way.
New Workflow
• For single clients go directly to the Entry/Exit
• For family, go to the households tab first then
go to Entry/Exit tab
• Updates will no longer be made to the client
profile page. All updates will be under interim
review—Select “update”
• For outreach projects, including PATH, we will
have separated training.
HUD Verification
• Please refer to the HUD verification link on the
Bas-Net news
• More information will be forthcoming from
• New APR and AHAR coming in 2015, no report
specifications are out yet
• ESG CAPER specifications pending
• HUD-40118 report is retired and no longer
available. The Entry Exit report is a similar
report, which will still be available.

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