Year 7 Welcome Evening 2014 - Frances Bardsley School for Girls

Year 7 Welcome Evening
 The
new blouses look great
 Year 7 and 8 have new toilets
 We have created a more open area at the
front of the school for Years 7 and 8
 We have a new Sixth Form Centre
 Year 7 students have written some really
positive letters to me about the school and
what they like as well as some suggestions
for changes
 Our
exam results this year were extremely
 65% of students gained 5A*-C with English
and Maths: the national average is about
 23% of our grades at GCSE were either A or A*
 At A level 37% of grades were A*, A or B
 We have our biggest Year 13 ever
new bigger library
 Extending the Farm
 A new LIFE Centre at the front of the school
to house SEN, EAL, Counselling and support
 An even greater focus on progress for all
 The
Parent Staff Association
 The Student Support Fund
 PiP meetings
 Consultations
Aim: “To further the education of all students
attending the academy”
 Parent writes to the school
 Member of staff and Headteacher support the
 Used to subsidise trips and for purchase of
equipment for students
 The postcard enables a member of the Finance
team to contact you
 The Gift Aid form means all contributions to the
Fund will attract 25p back from the Govt for
every £1 you give
 The Standing Order Mandate is to choose to give
an amount a month whilst your daughter is here
 Parents
in Partnership meetings
 In 2013/14 we had meetings to consider:
 Curriculum including increasing contact time
in Years 7 and 8
 Building Plans
 Trips and Visits programme
 Extra-curricular programme
 parentmail
– if you haven’t signed up yet,
please do
 apologies for any teething problems
 parentpay – not optional, the only method of
paying for anything in school
 but several methods of payment options, this
includes a large variety of paypoints, please
contact Christine Gentle at the finance office
for details
 School
 Pleated school skirt
 Lilac check school blouse
 Bottle green V necked jumper – no other
jumpers allowed!
 Black opaque tights
 Plain black flat shoes
 plain green or black thin hair band, no
bandanas, flowers etc.
 No badges – apart from any school badges
and one charity badge allowed
plain black coat – no logo/fur is okay
 Plain black hat, scarf and gloves
 If the weather is extremely wet/snowy the
girls may wear wellies/boots to school but
must bring school shoes and change into
them before registration, storing the boots in
their lockers
 Second
hand PE kit can be bought directly
from PE department for £2 an item
 Please label all items of school uniform
 No
 No jewellery apart from a wristwatch
 No fake tan
 No acrylic nails and nail varnish
 No coloured hair or shaved hairstyles – no dip
dyes – girls will be in inclusion or sent home!
 Any
items not allowed to be worn will be
 Mobile
phones are never allowed to be used on
school premises unless special permission by a
member of staff has been given
 Reminders of rule/consequences are displayed
throughout the school, in classrooms and
corridors, and pupils are aware of this rule
 If a student is seen using her mobile – confiscate!
 1st time – pupil can get it back at the end of the
 2nd time – parent needs to collect from school
 Serious consequence if student refuses to hand
over mobile phone – 1 day inclusion
to monitor behaviour in and around the school in
terms of noise levels, uniform standards etc.
 must be on pupil at all times, ideally in zipped
inside pocket – please don’t wash it!
1st failed card: Form tutor detention 15 minutes
 2nd failed card: Progress Manager detention 45
 3rd failed card: SLT detention 1 hour - phone call
 4th failed card: inclusion 1 day - phone call home
and post-inclusion meeting
 5th failed card: Meeting with parents/Progress
Manager and member of SLT to put in place a
Behaviour Improvement Plan
 sticker
will be issued as reminder/to inform
 blue stickers – subject detention or form
tutor detention (at the discretion of subject
teacher or form tutor)
 yellow stickers – departmental detention or
progress manager detentions (30 – 45
 red stickers – SLT detention on a Friday for
one hour after school
 inclusion
 for
any late mark in the mornings, detention
set on the day of the late mark received
 15 minutes detentions for any late marks
 if ‘no show’ time will be doubled
 rush hour cannot be an excuse (only in
exceptional circumstances, e.g. large amount
of girls and staff late due to exceptional traffic
 letters home and punctuality reports
Remind girls to try and write down:
 Route number of the bus
 Direction of travel/destination of the bus
 Any other identification number, such as vehicle
registration, running number etc.
 Any descriptive information about the driver, such as
gender, age, build, ethnicity
 Address your complaint or enquiry to Transport for
London ‘Buses customer services’
 Talk to your daughters about appropriate behaviour
on buses and especially being courteous to members
of the public
 please
talk to girls about road safety again –
concerns raised by various staff about their
unawareness of cars when entering school
 darker evenings – add some sort of reflective
lightening strips to their bags/coats
 please remind of ‘stranger danger’ – don’t
accept lifts of strangers/report any unusual
activity to police/school
Achievement points collected by girls
 Certificates and postcards sent out
 Awards assemblies held once per term celebrating
good attendance and punctuality, achievement points
 Notice Board near examinations office: weekly updates
on form with highest amount of achievement points,
lowest amount of behaviour points
 Notice board near student services: highest attendance
in each year group, lowest number of lates as well as
list of individuals
 House points will be awarded – rewards to houses
 Celebration evenings: 100% attendance; Excellence in
For Year 7s on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays after school
 Year 7s can also access the regular homework
club on a Tuesday and Thursday after school
 If your daughter does not have access to a
computer and/or printer at home a good place
to complete any homework that needs to be
done online/printed out
 Other clubs and activities: your daughter will
have been informed by FT
 Notices on form boards
 School newsletter – homepage – information newsletter
 Now
is the time when friendships change
 often painful for girls when friendships ‘break
 if you are concerned, please get in touch
 some issues we have to let them try and
resolve themselves
 we will interfere immediately if things get
 please try and monitor their Internet
activities, facebook, BBM, instagram, twitter
 Your
daughter’s form tutor – first port of call
 The Deputy Progress Manager Miss O’Neill or
Progress Manager Miss Geilen
 Deputy Head - Mrs Sidhu
 Head teacher – Mr Dutnall
set on the basis of their NFER results
 girls given a score for verbal (English), non-verbal
(Maths) and quantative (Science) ability
 score will be converted into a ‘stanine’ number
from 9 (most able) to 1 (least able)
 sets will be determined by the pupils’ ‘stanine’
 Academic Board will meet regularly throughout the
year to discuss teachers’ feedback, parental
concerns, assessment data to ensure pupils in
correct set
 Maths, English and Science in same set until end of
year 7
 Progress Manager will track progress throughout
the year
 Academic
Board met before half term and
discussed settling in report and any concerns
parents have raised about their daughter’s
 no teacher reported that they felt particular
girls were currently misplaced within their
 next academic board meeting will be after
the first ‘proper’ report, when girls have
been given levels and can be looked at in
terms of progress towards their KS3 target
 subjects
taught in streamed sets: English,
Maths, Science, MFL, RS, IT, PE
 subjects taught in form groups, i.e. mixed
ability sets: history, geography, music, art,
drama, food, textiles, PSHE
Year 7 sets
F1 and B1 – set 1
F2, F3, F4 and B2, B3 – set 2
B4 – set 3 – slightly smaller to give additional
 Whole
year group involved
 If you experience problems paying please
contact Mrs Gentle between 11am and 3pm
in finance office
 2nd payment of £10 due on 28th November
 Please sign and return the form that was
attached to the letter, pick up a spare copy
if you haven’t already signed this
 Fantastic day out for all girls, and brilliant
for building confidence
 Lots
of positive comments and praise for girls
 Good manners – very polite, holding open
 Lovely year group
 A credit to you!
 Any
general questions?
 Any problems specific to your daughter
please make an appointment with her form
tutor, Miss O’Neill or Miss Geilen

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