An Opportunity - Youngstown State University

Realizing YSU’s
An Opportunity
Revising Developmental and General Education
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
October 3, 2012
Eastern Gateway Community College
Significant decreases in enrollment in developmental
mathematics (See handout)
Establishment of a community college in the
Need for Youngstown State University to provide
comprehensive developmental education in
mathematics may no longer be necessary
State Standards for
Developmental and General
Ohio Board of Regents established definitions
and standards for developmental coursework
and articulation agreements for general
Result: Survey of Mathematics course
does not meet the requirements to be
included as a “TAG” course.
Courses such as College Algebra, count
towards general education requirements
at other Ohio institutions are not counted
as general education courses at YSU
YSU Mission
Urban Research University
Three Core Principles
“Scholarship at YSU provides education that is both upto-date and grounded in best practices…”
Scholarly Engagement
“Community engagement is necessary …”
Resource Alignment
“The institution will invest in new and existing
Four Issues
According to OBOR standards, some courses YSU says are
college level are not college level.
Several key mathematics courses at YSU either do not
exist or are not currently TAG approved.
Developmental education in mathematics at YSU is
approaching the point in which other means of preparing
students in mathematics for college are becoming a
Curriculum gaps currently exist because of the lack of a
College Algebra course.
Department’s Quandary
Opportunity and a quandary
YSU needs to be in line with State
This presentation sets forth a plan for moving forward:
Delete courses that should be taught at a community college
Offer one developmental course
Add a college algebra course, gain TAG approval and YSU
general education approval
Revise MATH 1513, MATH 2623, MATH 2625 (MATH 1552?) so
that they are TAG approved and general education approved
Reduce YSU’s presence in developmental mathematics
Provide coursework in mathematics that seamlessly flows
from one course to the next,
Increase retention and success in mathematics
Assure that general education courses meet TAG
standards and become TAG approved,
Set educational standards that align with YSU’s mission of
being an Urban Research Institution.
Steps of the Plan
STEP 1: Delete MATH 1500, MATH 1501, MATH 1502, MATH 1503,
MATH 1507, MATH 1508. (Note 1502 and 1503 are slower versions
of MATH 1501)
STEP 2: Provide opportunities for students who need MATH 1500
to gain this knowledge. YSU will provide two ways for students
to accomplish this.
Use online learning and the Mathematics Assistance Center to
provide opportunities, at little or no charge, for students to
learn the material.
Develop an agreement with Eastern Gateway Community
College to provide this coursework on the YSU campus. Set
up dual enrollment plan.
Work with area high schools to develop programs that reduce
educational gaps and provide direct pathways into YSU’s
college-level coursework.
Steps 3 and 4
STEP 3: Introduce new course, MATH 1505 so that it is our
only developmental course. The course should be a
combination of MATH 1501 and the beginning topics of
MATH 1507. The course will be called Intermediate
Algebra. (5 s.h.)
STEP 4: Rename MATH 1508 as MATH 1511, so that it
contains enough trigonometry to assure that STEM
students are better prepared for calculus. (3 s.h.)
STEPS 5 and 6
STEP 5: Introduce a new course, MATH 1510, College
Algebra (4 sh). This course must satisfy OBOR’s
definitions of college level and TAG certified. This
course will lead into MATH 1511 and then on to MATH
1513. The course will also be YSU general education
STEP 6: Revise MATH 1513 (MATH 1552?) so that it is
also a TAG course. MATH 1513 currently does not
include the required topics of sequences, series and
vectors. These topics need to be added to assure
that it is a TAG course.
Math 1510
Math 1511
College Algebra
MATH 1513
MATH 1552
Business Math
Math 1505
MATH 1564
Interm. Algebra
Middle Math
Math 2623
Survey of Math
MATH 2651
Early Childhood
First course in sequence dependent on Math placement and major
Steps 7 and 8
STEP 7: Revise MATH 2623 (and MATH 2625) so that it
is a college level course and TAG certified in general
education. This would force a prerequisite change
and may include a change in required topics. The
prerequisite should be MATH 1505.
STEP 8: Update placement procedures for
mathematics courses.
Steps 9 and 10
Step 9: Gain University Approval and
University Buy-in!
Step 10: Market “New Standards”
Fall 2013
Delete MATH 1500
Have help/procedures in place to help affected students
Fall 2014
Delete MATH 1501, 1502, 1503, 1507, 1508
Have procedures in place to help affected students
Fall 2014
Introduce MATH 1505, 1510, 1511
Revise MATH 1513, MATH 2623, MATH 2625

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