Verde Solutions Presentation

2211 N. Elston Avenue
Suite 309
Chicago, IL 60614
Verde Solutions is a energy efficiency consulting firm. We are committed to saving our clients
money by providing innovative lighting solutions and other efficiency retrofits. These retrofits
generate growth, add value, and minimize the environmental impact of the businesses,
institutions, and municipalities we serve. Our team of LEED certified consultants are dedicated
to fostering close relationships with our clients and finding solutions and savings that will fit
their unique needs. We’re working to change the future of energy consumption and would love
for you to join us.
Sustainable Solutions
Solar powered, LED street lights can be retro-fitted with
security cameras, delivering a more brightly lit, secure street or
Longer Life Span
Energy Efficient
Ecologically Friendly
Durable Quality
Zero UV Emissions
Design Flexibility
Operational in Extreme
Enhanced Light Dispersement
Instant Lighting
Low Voltage
Verde Solutions, LLC 2013
Verde Solutions (Verde) helps its clients be lean and green. We offer green building consulting and
engineering services that focus on lighting retrofit projects, but we also offer services to upgrade HVAC
systems as well as entire building envelopes.
Verde’s Objectives
• Provide our clients with valuable consulting services
• Engineer smart green building solutions
• Provide our agents with additional revenue streams
Agent Procedure
• Be an agent in good standing for Navigate Power or Verde Solutions
• Participate in Verde Webinar #101
• Identify a prospective project where we can identify the decision maker and the potential
scope of work that meets our minimum requirements
• Send completed PIF form (Prospect Input Form) along with a recent copy of prospect’s
electric bill to Zoe ([email protected])
Note: Verde prefers to build relationships with the clients by helping
from the beginning of the retrofit process, therefore we reserve the
right to decline any project where we may be nothing more than a
final bidder.
Verde Solutions, LLC 2013
Minimum Parameters
Prospective projects must meet the following minimum requirements:
> 20,000 SF entire site (building + parking lot)
> 40-hour-per-week operations
Building with > 80 indoor lights
Parking lot with > 20 outdoor lights
> $20,000 lighting retrofit project
Preferred Parameters
PSOs – Public Sector Organizations like public schools, park districts, libraries, government buildings and
public colleges/universities.
NFPs – Not-For-Profit Organizations like hospitals, private schools, affordable housing and charities.
If the prospect is a Private Enterprise organization, then target one with:
Operations running 6 or 7 days per week and/or 2 or 3 shifts per day
Multiple locations
> 40,000 SF building
> 40,000 SF parking lot
Verde Solutions, LLC 2013
Every opportunity begins with the collection of an invoice, whether it’s a merchant services statement
or an electricity or natural gas bill.
Submit the invoices with complete business and decision maker contact information.
Verde Solutions, LLC
Paul Keeler, Executive Director
C: (847) 878-9860
E: [email protected]
Chris Gersch, Managing Partner
C: (847) 962-5327
E: [email protected]
Verde Solutions, LLC 2013

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