SS 3-4: How did women help California grow?

SS 3-4: How did women
help California grow?
What roles do you think women played during
the Gold Rush?
• Write what you think you know in your SS notebook. Be
ready to share out.
• Women during the Gold Rush could not vote, hold a
position in the government, or work at most jobs.
• Partner chat: “In what ways did women make a
• Partner chat: “Why did women come to CA during the
Gold Rush?”
Women who traveled west to CA faced many
• Very few women made the early journey
to CA
• Men had to live away from families b/c
of mining
• CA constitution let women keep their assets
separate from husband’s
• *Assets: property or objects that could be
used to repay debts
• Successful women
• Sold food or operated boarding houses near
mining camps
• Successful b/c high food prices and housing
Mary Tape: A Chinese Immigrant
• 1855 fought to have her children admitted to public
school in SF
• SF created a school for Chinese only
• Chinese still not allowed in existing public
• 1920’s: Chinese children allowed to go to public high
schools sooner in CA than the rest of the US
• Result of Mary Tape fighting for her children
• Happened too late for her children to benefit
from it
• Occurred earlier than the Supreme Court’s
decision in 1954 ruling against desegragation
Helen Hunt Jackson
• Visited CA and their missions
• Shocked at the conditions for the
Native Americans
• She disagreed with how land was
taken from them
• 1881 wrote a book about the unfair
treatment of American Indians
• Sent copies to everyone in Congress
Biddy Mason: African American freedom
• Born into slavery
• Robert Smith, her owner, moved to San Bernadino and
took her with him
• African American businessman, Charles Owens, helped
her petition for her freedom
• She gained her freedom in 1856
• Told other African Americans to petition for freedom too
• She was one of the first African Americans to own land
in Los Angeles
• She was generous to churches, charities, and individuals
• November 16, 1989 was declared Biddy Mason Day
Partner Activity
• With your partner, you will:
1. read the biography card sheet
2. Take notes on each woman’s accomplishments or what she worked to
change (I will have a graphic organizer on the SmartBoard you can follow).
You can add any notes that you have taken or remember from these slides
3. After you take notes, you will make a poster about one of these women.
You will include:
1. Pictures showing the important events of her life
2. Answer this question: “How does this woman’s story inspire other women
Exit Ticket
1.Name one woman that made a
difference for the people of
2.What did she do that made a

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