UASI Conference Support Presentation

In 2005, the IAFC Metro Chiefs Section
desired a UASI Conference for the Fire
Miami UASI, supported by Chief Wm.
Bryson, All Hands Consulting, and
Charlotte UASI organized a small
conference in Dallas.
 First UASI
Conference held at
DFW Airport
 50 Fire/Rescue
personnel attended
 Law Enforcement,
grant managers and
FEMA also attended
FEMA/GPD held a National Grants
Conference in Washington D.C.
Lots of SAA Discussions but no
UASI Discussions.
Two “Renegade UASIs” (Miami and
Charlotte) decided to do something
about it.
The UASI Conference was born…
Conference organizer Steve Davis speaking with Bill
Anderson of the Twin Cities UASI and President of
the new National UASI Association
We liked it so much, we went back!
Conference partnership with FEMA GPD strengthened as the
UASI Conference grew to be the de facto Grants Conference
Miami Police Sgt. Marcos Perez
received award for efforts on
Homeland Security
Steve Davis (All Hands) and Jeff
Dulin (Charlotte) received awards
for Outstanding Contribution to
UASI programs
Program Management
Medical – including MMRS
Public/Private Partnership
Port and Transit
Interoperable Communications and Information
Community Preparedness
 Worked in concert with
expanded participation
to all preparedness
grants programs.
 Included new tracks.
 Incorporated GPD After
Action Conference.
 Hosted Training
New UASI Conference Inc. with new
Board of Directors now operates the UASI
Worked with UASI POCs to determine a
new direction and structure of conference
organization and activities
RFP process set the next four conferences
All Hands is no longer supporting the
conference planning
2012 Conference to be hosted by
Columbus UASI, May 21-24, 2012
Website at
The original UASI Conference website was
funded by the Charlotte UASI and it ended
operations July 30, 2011
The website is now a UASI
Blog hosted by All Hands and Steve Davis
New National UASI Association website at
UASI Facebook Page
UASI LinkedIn Networking Group
UASI Daily News Feed
@UrbanAreas on Twitter!/UrbanAreas
These sites as well as are
all provided by All Hands Consulting as a
public service.

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