5 Largest Districts

Jefferson County Public Schools
Superintendent Search
Our Mission
The mission of PROACT Search is to support
America’s school systems by providing the best
superintendent search services that guarantee an
inclusive, transparent and well-managed process, the
equitable consideration of all applicants, and
ultimately, an intersection of proven, high-quality
leaders from which the Board of Education will select
its next Superintendent.
Sample of Our Work History
Anchorage, AK
Adams 12 Five Star Schools, CO
Aurora, CO
Austin, TX
Baltimore, MD
Canutillo, TX
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Christina, DE
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
Dallas, TX
Detroit, MI
East Baton Rouge, LA
Elgin, IL
El Paso, TX
Hays, TX
Hillsborough, FL
Indianapolis, IN
Inglewood, CA
Jennings, MO
Kansas City, MO
Macon, GA
Manchester, NH
Memphis, TN
Milwaukee, WI
Montgomery, AL
New Orleans, LA
Newark, NJ
Norfolk, VA
Oakland, CA
Omaha, NE
Phoenix, AZ
Pittsburgh, PA
Pomona, CA
Portland, OR
Portland, ME
Providence, RI
Racine, WI
Reno, NV
San Antonio, TX
Savannah, GA
Seattle, WA
Socorro, TX
Springfield, MA
St. Louis, MO
St. Paul, MN
State of FL
State of IL
State of MI
State of NE
Tacoma, WA
Tucson, AZ
Washington, DC
…and many more
5 Largest Districts
Meria Carstarphen
Baltimore City
Andres Alonso
Heath E. Morrison
Mike Miles
MaryEllen Elia
*In addition, PROACT Search was hired by Shelby County Schools (TN), with a student
enrollment of 153,000, in 2012 to conduct their Superintendent Search. Midway through
the process, the Board decided to elevate the interim Superintendent and name him the
leader of the District.
Experience Counts : Search Team
Gary R. Solomon, CEO
Lead Consultant: El Paso Independent School District, Tucson Unified School District, Nebraska Department of Education, Atlanta Public Schools,
Omaha, Hays, CISD, Shelby County, El Paso, Austin, Dallas, Canutillo, Socorro, State of Michigan, Charlotte Mecklenburg, Jennings SD, Chicago,
Detroit, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Bibb County School District, Round Lake School District, Yorkville School District, Newark Public
Schools, Baltimore City Public Schools, St. Louis Public Schools, Kansas City, MO, Public Schools, Minneapolis Public Schools, Louisiana State
Department of Education, Recovery School District in New Orleans, EdisonLearning.
Jim Huge, Senior Consultant
Lead Consultant: Adams 12 Five Star, Washoe County School District
Consultant: Dallas, San Antonio, Charlotte, Portland
Michael Hinojosa
Senior Vice President
Former Superintendent: San Antonio ISD, Dallas ISD, Cobb County Spring ISD, Hays ISD, Fabens ISD
Patrick Russo
Senior Vice President
Former Superintendent: Chatham County SD, Henrico County SD, Hopewell SD, Savannah-Chatham County SD, Moore County SD, Hampton SD
Carl Harris, Senior Consultant
Dr. Carl E. Harris most recently the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education at the United States
Department of Education.
Prior to his appointment, Harris was Superintendent of Durham Public Schools (DPS) for 53 schools and nearly 33,000 students.
Krissi Osborn, Executive Director
Krissi manages all back end operations, recruiting and marketing systems
Additional Team Members
5-7 person research and screening team working in support of the District
3-5 person recruitment and marketing team
Over 100 consultants in the field to assist in recruitment
The PROACT Experience
Kick-Off Meeting
Data-Driven Research
Stakeholder Engagement
Advertisement & Recruitment
Screening of Candidates
Presentation of Candidates
1st Round Interview Coordination
Background Checks
On-Site Community and Final Interviews
Final Candidate Determination
Search Closing Activities
Transitional Activities
Responsibility Matrix
Kick-Off Meeting
Lead meeting.
Community Engagement
Lead and advise Board on process.
Determine scope of engagement
List individuals/groups
Make suggestions to the Board on types of
Decide and compile a list of
stakeholders/community groups to be
Individual Interviews
Logistics of Engagement
Assist with best schedule for district
Assist in logistics
Invite Participants
Assist as needed, draft press releases, draft
invitations, etc.
Invite teachers, parents, etc., as able
through district contacts
Assist getting
invitations out
Conduct engagement
Conduct and facilitate all meetings
Create and post survey. Extract data
Review and approve survey
PROACT will develop Position Profile from
Community Engagement feedback
Edit, recommend, etc. Provide salary
range and contract length
Position Description
Assist in logistics
Responsibility Matrix
Develop and post all advertisements.
Determine scope.
Lead all recruitment efforts.
Recommend names, suggestions
to PROACT as they arise through
the process.
Pre-screen, interview, and contact references on
qualified candidates for presentation to the Board.
Selection of Candidate for 1st Round
Presents candidate profiles of top 8-12.
Due Diligence
PROACT responsible for all background checks on
1st Round Interviews
Communicate and schedule with the candidates.
On-site if needed. Sample interview questions and
rubric for Board use.
Schedule community portion of interviews
including final round one-on-one interviews with
Board, community forums, etc.
2nd Round Interviews/Community
Board selects top 5-7 for first
round interviews.
Provide dates, times, and
suggested locations. Conduct
Determine scope of community
involvement. Conduct
Assist in logistics.
Assist in logistics.
associates nationwide
Tap into our own
national network and
from stakeholders in
the community
Send out position
profile and application
to desired targets
Targeted candidates in
the state, region, and
Non-traditional leaders
across the country, as
Community Engagement
PROACT Search will work with the Board to coordinate and schedule
all stakeholder engagement activities at the onset of the search.
These activities may include, but are not limited to:
One-on-One Interviews with Key Stakeholders
Video Conference Interviews with Key Stakeholders
Phone Interviews with Key Stakeholders
Public Forums
Regional Community Meetings
Focus Group Meetings
Electronic Survey
Presentation of Top Candidates
Prepared by
of Top
Data Dashboard
Interview Rubric
and Notes
Written Samples
Finalist Selection
Following the selection of finalist candidates, PROACT Search will
work with the Board to coordinate all community and stakeholder
engagement activities. These activities may include:
Final Board Interviews
One-on-One Interviews with Key Stakeholders
Public Forum Interviews
Regional Community Interviews
Focus Group Interviews
Local Media Interviews, as appropriate
Making It Work
Establish a positive, collaborative relationship with school board
Ensure a trusting relationship with the entire school board.
Build consensus around a final position profile, values and priorities
of the board and community.
Ensure consensus around semi-finalist and finalist candidates.
Work to ensure all stakeholders and community members are
included in process and have a voice.
Board and Candidate Feedback
“PROACT Search was a great help in getting one of the best superintendents in the nation, Mike Miles, to come lead Dallas
ISD. […] The search was exhausting, yet rewarding. PROACT Search was here at every phase of the process. Thanks for your
guidance and leadership. Without reservation, I highly recommend PROACT Search to other school boards as they begin their
search for a new superintendent.”
Lew Blackburn, Dallas ISD Board President
“The quality of service we received from PROACT was incredible. The degree of due diligence they provided on the candidates
was tremendous, and the aggressive nature of their recruiting ensured that we had access to a top-notch group of finalists,
any one of whom would have made a great Superintendent for Dallas.”
Mike Morath, Dallas ISD Board Member
“The search process I experienced through PROACT was professional and positive. Their rigorous internal phone interview
helped prepare me for the rigor of the Dallas interviews. PROACT also provided documents, news articles, and website links
to help provide context and background. Everyone on staff was responsive and very accessible, answering questions that I
had and guiding me through the process. While PROACT was objective and maintained confidentiality, I always felt that they
wanted to help me put my best foot forward.”
Candidate, Dallas Superintendent Search, 2012
“I felt that you did a great job communicating information from the district as soon as you had it. I appreciated the updates via
phone messages and email, even when it was to share that you had no new information from the district. The messages you
shared were always filled with optimism and opportunity. In terms of the process, it was very complete. You did such a good
job in detailing who I was and what my strengths and weaknesses are that the Socorro Board was able to get a complete
picture of me and make a very informed decision.”
Candidate, Socorro Independent School District Superintendent Search (finalist), 2012
Cost Proposal
We propose to conduct a fully executed search for a cost of $25,000, with a one‐year guarantee.
Service/Item Description
Included in Fee
Executive Search Services
Community Engagement Costs
Consultant Travel
Advertisement and Marketing Costs
Candidate Travel
Not Included in Fee, District
We pledge that we will NOT charge a cent more to Jefferson County Public Schools for this work.
We are the only firm in the industry that has made firm promises of this nature and consistently
followed through with a quality search while staying on or under this fixed budget.
Value-Added Services
PROACT Value-Added Services
AASA Preferred Search Partner
Board Governance and Retreat
Additional Search Services
Additional Human Resources and Talent Office Services
Additional Value-Added Services
AASA National Superintendent Certification Program
The National SUPES Academy
Local District Leadership Academies
Sample Innovative, Non-Traditional Leaders
Andres Alonso, Baltimore City SD
Graduated from Columbia University, magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, earned a law
degree at Harvard University School of Law.
Cuban immigrant, started career as attorney.
Juan Cabrera, El Paso ISD
Degrees from Texas A & I University (Business Administration) and University Of Texas School
(Law). Completed programs at the London School of Business and the Harvard Negotiation
Worked as a school law attorney and has served as general counsel to more than 20 Texas
school districts.
Mike Miles, Dallas ISD
Degrees from West Point (Engineering), University of California at Berkeley and the
University of Leningrad in Russia (Slavic Languages), Columbia University (Public Policy).
Experience as US Army Ranger Battalion, U.S. State Department Soviet Analyst, Foreign
Service Officer in Poland and Russia.
Winner of Mellon Fellowship in the Humanities, a National Science Foundation Graduate
Scholarship, and US State Department’s Meritorious Service Medal.
San Antonio ISD
How PROACT Is Different
…is all about people and relationships.
…has more access to higher‐level candidates.
…has the ability to attract non‐traditional candidates, and
candidates who may not be seeking a change in position.
…understands the value of thorough vetting and due diligence
early on in the search process.
…is committed to using the best-in-class technology platforms to
perfect a balance of efficiency and user‐friendliness.
…always finds the best fit and will NEVER recruit them away.
…will provide valuable national perspective to your search.
…believes that positive Governance relations are critical.
Gary R. Solomon
[email protected]
Michael Hinojosa
[email protected]

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