Learners First School Direct - Suzanne Bywater

Learners First School Direct – About Us
Approximately 130 schools in and around Rotherham
Collective approach to improving standards across the board
Learners First Schools Partnership existed prior to School Direct starting
Structures for high quality training in place ready to be developed further for S.D.
• all students making at least good progress
• no underperforming cohorts
• all teachers delivering at least good learning and
• all schools moving to at least the next level of successful
Learners First School Direct – Our Model
Creation of a central ‘pool’ of trainees
Interviewed by Heads / SLT members from various schools
Looking to create a collective identity through planners, induction, twilight, experiences
Training Plan – weekly twilights to ensure we know what trainees are doing
Centralised recruitment and allocation
Centralised Training Plan
Bespoke mini-training experiences across partnership
Expectation to employ – large number of schools to fulfil where possible
Learners First School Direct
The Training Plan
w/c 27/01/14 Twilight: 30th
January 2014
(week 14)
Career Week
3.30 5.30pm
St. Bernard's
Teaching 
School team
with Alison
Grasmeder &
Andy Reeder
Applying for Jobs and Going To Interviews
 Trainees to prepare a ‘mock’ letter for a
Tips on what to look for when applying for jobs (location, sociojob application (emailed to interviewing
economic aspects), what to put in an application letter (start building
school) by 03/02/14 and to then be
list of ‘qualities’ and skills in readiness), preparation for interview and
interviewed by a member of the SLT in an
how to research the school and interview technique
alternative school by 07/02/14
Deliver a portion of each lesson on timetable, written feedback to be
given and discussed by each host teacher
 Trainees to ensure that they are in contact
with host teachers negotiating next steps
with regards to teaching classes next week
Work as LSA within department (to include those on final timetable,
but also some additional lessons) – allow some time for planning and
for focused observation (negotiated with mentors) in all curriculum
St. Bernard’s
• Designed and led by group of strategic partners, including 7 or 8 schools
• Almost weekly to Easter, with impact evaluation activities designed to enhance professional
files & raise standards for host school staff in terms of mini-presentations to departments
• Non-negotiable and fully compulsory part of training year – QA procedures built in
• Innovative – SEND element built into primary plan and to be put into secondary where
S.D. rushed into by TA
Application process chaotic for first few months
Misinformation – many potential candidates have struggled to find the correct information
Drop outs (more to come in September?)
Role negotiation with university – tough at times, but we all want the same outcomes
Recruitment to maths and science
Learners First School Direct – Hurdles
Recently Qualified Teachers
Newly Qualified Teachers
Initial Teacher Training (PGCE, School Direct)
Continue to raise standards
Developing career progression already in place – S.D. underpins what already existed
Expand S.D. provision – but only where expectation to employ isn’t concrete
Introductions between schools and trainees looking for jobs
Possible creation of a ‘pool ‘ of teachers once qualified in order to retain for Rotherham
Learners First School Direct – The Future

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