sheepSD Update - Grow Our Flock

sheepSD Update
A SDSU Extension program to serve & grow the sheep industry in South Dakota
Dave Ollila – SDSU Extension Sheep Field Specialist
John Erk – sheepSD participant
sheepSD Objectives:
1. Help sheep ranchers enter & expand into the sheep
Of the original 17 participants
12 are expanding significantly
4–adding 50 + ewes each
8-adding 200+ ewes each
2/17 are maintaining numbers
3/17 are declining or out of the program
Growing South Dakota Sheep producers – 42 members
2. Provide mentors for beginning sheep ranchers
- 9/17 participants have established an active mentor relationship.
- 1 has participated in a farm transition.
3. Develop production & management skills.
-16 different educational activities provided in 2012-2013.
-Some activities included:
a. wool classing/sheep shearing schools
b. Ewe nutrition and reproduction management
c. Drought management plans
d. Wool production and quality considerations
e. Attended WERA Sheep Symposium
f. NSIP and developing EBVs
4. Establish perpetual learning communities of sheep producers that will
continue to seek knowledge and skills toward becoming successful producers
and provide leadership in the industry.
-sheepSD participants have established an “Emerging Shepherds” organization
under the umbrella of the SD Sheep Growers Assn.
sheepSD Activities planned for 2014
– Tour of NE Colorado lamb feedlots, lamb processing plants and sheep
production facilities.
– Emerging Shepherds organizing “Sheep Day” at Black Hills Stock Show.
– Attend and participate in the Dakota Ram Test Field Day in Hettinger, ND.
The Field Day will also include a open forum discussion on NSIP in developing
– Case Study tours of range flock and farm flock production systems
– Individual ranch operation review and goal setting
- Multi-state sheep grazing school at the Antelope Range Research Station
-Continue participation in wool classing/sheep shearing school,
- Assist sheepSD participants in organizing and establishing EBVs through
- Lamb feeding and lamb fabrication programming.
- Generational transition support programming
- Individual Marketing Plan development and analysis
- Transition to the “Emerging Shepherds” group under the SDSGA
-Support involvement and leadership roles of sheepSD participants in learning
Dave Ollila
SDSU Extension
Sheep Field Specialist
RC Regional Center
1530 Samco Rd.
Rapid City, SD 57702
[email protected]

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