National General Practice
Supervisors Association
Promoting quality vocational training for
general practice.
Providing support for GP Supervisors.
(GP registrars, prevocational doctors and medical students).
Key Work 2012-2013
 Promoting the key role of GP supervisor in AGPT
 Highlight looming capacity and capability issues
 Renegotiate the NMTC
 Represent supervisor perspective on new VT standards & streamline
 Source funding – DoHA and GPET
 Appoint CEO
 Position organization for charity status approval
 Attend UGPA – peak body for general practice
 Study on business case for supervision in 2013-14
Supervisors – cornerstone of AGPT
 Provide most training for next generation of GPs
 Apprenticeship model central
 Work within framework of quality and safety
 Whole practice team part of training package
 Additional skills, time pressure & compliance burden
 Higher accreditation standards
 Special people – “a plant to be nurtured – not a resource
to be mined”
GP Supervisor
 And Loving it!
Capacity and Capability Issues
 Rapid growth in registrar numbers
 Demand for PGPPP and medical student placements
 Challenge of recruiting new and retaining existing
 Challenge of ensuring quality training practices
 Practices as integrated education centres – vertical &
horizontal integration, remote supervision
 National ‘bottom-up’ approach to augment current RTP
Funding from DoHA and GPET
 Seed funding – 12 months
 Source and collate best practice resources to go online
 Develop webinars for support and training
 Contribute to regional seminars supporting regional supervisors
 Source sponsorship funding to become largely self funding
 Business case study in conjunction with GPET
 Remain tightly focused & collaborative.
 Work with all stakeholders to improve GP training & ultimately
improve health of Australian Community
Business Case for Supervision
 Often borderline
 Dependent on registrar patient numbers, practice location
and size
 Rural specific issues – housing, safe working hours.
 Growth in red tape – for practice managers and supervisors.
 Training not core business
 Distribution of increased registrar placements
 Study underway – help needed!
National Minimum Terms and
 Underpin much of current training model
 Usefulness limited by complexity
 Simplification ahead – productive talks with GPRA
 GPT 3 and 4 in next round
 Contractor v’s employee
 Need for flexibility to meet specific rural and remote training
needs – perspective of practice, supervisor and registrar
 Other funding models -for exploration
Other Matters
 New VT standards – move from activity based to outcomes
 Issues of safety, defensibility, liability, conflict of roles,
training, time and pay should supervisor responsibility
increase – reassured to date
 Accreditation of supervisor and practice by colleges separate
from that of PGMC and universities
 Compliance burden a real cost to small businesses
 Need for unified, simple and clearly communicated processes
 NGPSA supports development of quality culture beyond
Funding and new company
 Government funding required ABN -GPTA Ltd - GPSA
 Timing issue critical – end of financial year deadline
 Constitutional deficiency of GPTA Ltd created delay in
ABN - incompatible with DoHA funding
 Accounting and Legal advice – wholly owned subsidiary
established (General Practice Supervisors Australia Pty
 GPSA Pty Ltd (with ABN received DoHA and
Legal Advice
Repeal the current constitution of GPTA Ltd and replace it with a new constitution to
a. the winding up provisions concerns;
b. stated objects that are compatible with charity status (which would be a gateway to
income tax exemption); and also,
c. objects that are compatible (with health promotion charity status which would be a
gateway to income tax deductibility).
Apply for charity status with the ACNPC, income tax-exempt status and health
promotion charity status with the ATO. Pending the outcome of the application, continue
to operate using the current structure.
If income tax exemption and ideally income tax deductibility were obtained, proceed to
roll new contracts into the newly reconstituted income tax- exempt and income tax
deductible entity.
Wind up PTY LTD company rolling any remaining assets back to the parent company
(GPTA Ltd).

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