William T. Neumann - Kelley School of Business

Outreach Strategies
for Undergraduates
Bill Neumann
Director, MIS BS/MS Programs
University of Arizona
• Environment
–Only students eligible for Advanced
Standing (pre-business)
• Understanding of MIS
–What do you do with an MIS degree?
• Department’s Ranking
–Am I good enough to get in?
–Can I do the coursework?
• Employment Prospects
–Can I find a job when I graduate?
•Leverage our service
class in MIS (MIS 111)
–Early awareness
–Peer-based support
(Preceptor / UGTA)
•Zipperman Scholars
–Pre-business mentorship
• Timing of invitation letters
for preceptors and
Zipperman Progam
–During breaks at home
•Scholarship for Service
–$4MM program with NSF/NSA
–40 full scholarships/stipends
–2 year academic program
–2 year service commitment
–Guaranteed employment
•Education Pipeline
–AMP (Accelerated Masters
Program) – MIS Majors
• MIS+ Outreach (K12)
–Digi-Dudes / Tech Divas
–STEM Initiatives
–CyberSTARS Summer Camp
Results: MIS U/G Program
Shaping the
Future of IT
Shaping the
Future of IT
Paulo Goes
([email protected])
Department Head
MIS Department
Bill Neumann
([email protected])
BS/MS Program Director
MIS Department
Eller College of Management
University of Arizona
Supporting Slides
Shaping the
Future of IT
$5.4 Million – CyberSecurity Grants
• Two NSF grants
– $1.2M – Chen (PI) – HackerWeb
– $4.2M – Chen (PI), Goes (Co-PI), Patton (Co-PI)
Scholarship For Service
NSF pays 2-year tuition + $35K stipend
Internships facilitated with federal government
2-year government employment committed
– Announcement
Shaping the
Future of IT
MIS Undergraduate Program
• 300 majors in MIS (juniors and seniors)
• Placement and internships are strong
– Average starting salary (2013): $58,875
• Accounting was second: $50,308
• Average of all Eller students: $49,633
– Average signing bonus MIS: $4,750
Shaping the
Future of IT
An Enhanced Undergraduate Experience
• Builds on Zipperman Scholars Program
• High school recruiting to MS program
• STEM component
– Cybersecurity camps – NSF grant connection
– Social computing and networks
– Mobile computing
• Diversity recruiting and talent cultivation
• Sponsored talent pipelines
– Internships to full time placement
• MIS Minor open to all majors
Shaping the
Future of IT

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