Unit 4 Day 8– Vocab 7 Quiz, Review for Life of Pi

Do-now: Have think-alouds out
Share your think-alouds with your partner. What was striking,
alarming, terrifying, interesting about the reading? What
stood out to you? Why?
Prayer (Carmen)
Tues: Jackey, Monday after: Nafiso
 Highlight revisions on essay and hand in with original
copy from Ms. Stitt
 Short quiz tomorrow on Life of Pi
 Use academic vocabulary
 Review for Life of Pi quiz
p. 162 LOP
White Boards: Life of Pi
 What is the exposition of the book? Name at least three
separate things.
Write one example of rising action in the book.
What does Pi write his thesis in college about?
BRIEFLY explain how Pi gets his name (BOTH stories)
Write three lessons that Pi explains about animals in
What is zoomorphism?
What are the three religions that Pi decides to become?
How does Pi justify being all three religions?
White Boards: Life of Pi cont’d
 How does Pi’s family feel about his religions? Give one
SPECIFIC example to show this.
Write what one animal on the boat symbolizes to Pi
and how you know that.
Why doesn’t Richard Parker come out until after 2 ½
days of being on the boat?
Pi makes many plans about how to deal with Richard
Parker. Which plan does he choose when he’s trying to
get rid of Richard Parker?
Why does Pi choose NOT to get rid of Richard Parker?
Vocab Quiz
 When you’re finished, continue reading Life of Pi
(you’ll have to read to p. 177 for HW)
 Read to p. 177 with three think-alouds
 Study for quiz tomorrow
 What is one thing you like about Life of Pi so far and
one thing you dislike?

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