APPROVER NetApps PCard Application Instructions

NetApps PCard Application
For Approvers
New Online Application Process Timeline
Applicant completes the required PCard CBL available on the ULEARN website ( and
passes the test successfully
Applicant submits e-mail to Corporate Cards office agreeing to comply with PCard responsibilities available
under PCard Forms
Applicant completes and submits application through NetApps
Application is reviewed and approved by Supervisor and PI/Account Signer
Application is reviewed and approved by Corporate Cards Office (1-2 Days)
American Express card is received by Corporate Cards Office (2-3 Days)
Cardholder is contacted and arrangement is made to pick up the Amex card (1-2 Days)
Step 1 – E-mail is
The applicant is
required to provide the
name and e-mail
address of their direct
supervisor. Once
applicant submits the
online application, the
direct supervisor will
receive an e-mail from
[email protected]
Please check your Junk Mail
folder if you do not see it in
your Inbox.
This e-mail contains:
Please do not discard this e-mail until you have completely
approved the application.
Link to access application
Unique password
Step 2- Log On
Follow the link in the email to reach the
correct website
Enter your e-mail
Copy and Paste your
unique password from
the e-mail notification
received. The password
entered must be exactly
as it appears on the email notification.
Click Login
Step 3 – Open Application(s)
Click on the applicant’s name to open the application
Step 4 – Supervisor Reviews
Information on Application
You will see the details entered
by the cardholder but will not
be able to modify this
If there are any mistakes,
please deny the application.
The applicant will then have to
complete and submit a second
Step 5 - Supervisor
Completes the
PI/Account Signer
The supervisor will have to
enter the PI/Account
signer’s name, e-mail
address and phone number
into the application to
obtain their approval.
These are
This second approval is
In the event the Supervisor
is the same person as the
PI/Account signer, the
approval will have to be
done twice by that same
Step 6 – Add your
Supervisors and/or Account
Signers have the option to
add comments to the
application. The comments
section will appear after the
cardholder’s department
information section.
These comments may
include the business
purpose of the applicant’s
need for the PCard, or
requests for different credit
limits for Dept/SPA card.
Step 7 – Approve
or Decline
Scroll down to the end of
the page to approve or
decline the application.
Reminder: If the Supervisor
is one and the same as the
PI/Account Signer, the
approver will need to
approve the application
Step 8 – Verify Approval and Log Off
Verify there are no additional applications pending your approval.
Click here
when done.
Problems or Questions?
Corporate Cards Office
750 UM Gables One Tower
Locator: 2978
Coral Gables Campus
(305) 284-2417
[email protected]
Corporate Cards Manager: Sean Sadler

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