High quality Phase 2 - Institute for Outdoor Learning

High quality
Phase 2
Wednesday 6 March
High quality phase 2 - an overview
Introduction: Contract content for phase 2, linking this to NCS ethos
and some general principles of high quality outdoor
adventurous activity programmes
Keynote speech : CEO Institute for Outdoor Learning
Andy Robinson
Experience : Delivering NCS from a phase 2 providers perspective
Gill Jones, Lindley Educational Trust
Activity: Sharing thoughts, experiences and ideas.
Q&A session and round up
NCS ethos – principles for a high quality programme
Social Mixing
Increased responsibility and independence
Social Action
What does the contract say about phase 2?
5 days / 4 nights: At least 1 hours travel from home
Activities: Should be structured and challenging to push young
people out of their comfort zone and facilitate positive
team working and social interaction
Guided reflection: Integrated throughout to facilitate personal and
social development
Team bonding and leadership skills:
Andy Robinson
Institute for Outdoor
The Institute for Outdoor Learning
Charitable aims
Membership profile
Institute for Outdoor Learning
Comfort Zones & Reflection
Do one thing everyday that scares you
Eleanor Roosevelt
If history repeats itself, and the
unexpected always happens, how
incapable must man be of learning from
George Bernard Shaw
The heart of outdoor learning
Effective reflective practice
Cultivating self-awareness in self and others
Making assumptions explicit
Developing all 4 intelligences ; PQ, EQ, IQ & SQ
All too easy to ‘lose sight off’ in an activity packed programme
Ensuring reflection
Programme content & style
Management systems & processes
Trainer training & selection
Gill Jones
Lindley Educational trust
Helping to raise aspirations for the phase 2 provision
Activities should be challenging, appropriate
and stimulate learning
Guided reflection throughout will help identify
lessons learned
Helping to raise aspirations for the phase 2 provision
Activity instructors stay with their team
Activity instructors have experience of working with
16/17 year olds
Activity instructors hold a range of qualifications

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