Alive-O4 Term 2, Lesson 9

Term 2, Lesson 9
The Passion and
Death of Jesus
The Crucifixion
It was Passover time. Jesus and many of his
disciples went to Jerusalem to retell the story
Of Moses and his people and to eat the
Passover Meal.
Afterwards, Jesus and a few of his close friends
went to a garden on the hill of Gethsemane to
Jesus was afraid that those people who did not
want to hear what he taught them, also
wanted to get rid of him. They were envious of
the way crowds of people followed Jesus,
feasting on his every word.
He prayed to the Father to help him and give
him strength and courage to live out his life to
the end, still showing the people of God’s love.
God heard his prayer and gave him all the
strength he needed.
As he knelt praying, Roman soldiers burst
the garden. They grabbed Jesus and took him
away. They brought him to Pilate, the Roman
Pilate asked Jesus what he had done wrong,
why these people wanted to get rid of him, but
Jesus said that he had done nothing. Pilate
didn’t think that Jesus had done anything
wrong, but he didn’t want to upset the leaders
of the Temple who ordered that Jesus be
brought to him.
Pilate offered the people a choice: he would
release Jesus or another prisoner, Barabbas,
who was a criminal. Stirred by the leaders of
the Temple the people chose Barabbas.
Barabbas was released and Jesus was led away,
to be tortured. When he was bruised and
covered in blood, Pilate had him brought back
to the people, thinking that they might feel
sorry for him.
The people shouted loudly: Crucify him, crucify
him. Pilate finally gave in and Jesus was led to
the foot of the hill of calvary. A crown of thorns
was placed on his head. People mocked him
and called him: King of the Jews.
He was given a heavy cross and ordered to
climb to the top of the hill. As he climbed, Jesus
grew weaker and weaker, falling three times. A
man called Simon of Cyrene helped him to
carry the cross.
When he reached the top of the hill, the
soldiers nailed Jesus to the cross. Two other
criminals were crucified at the same time, one
on Jesus’ right and the other on his left.
One of the criminals jeered and mocked Jesus.
The other said: he has done no wrong.
Jesus promised him: today you will be with me
in the Father’s kingdom.
Jesus hung on the cross for three hours. His
close friends and his mother stood at the foot
of the cross, comforting him.
His strength began to fail and he whispered a
final prayer to the Father: Father, into your
hands I place my spirit.
Then Jesus bowed his head and died.
Jesus’ friends took his body down from the
cross and wrapped it in clean linen.
Pause quietly for a moment.
Sing: Stabat Mater (p. 293, Teacher’s manual.)

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