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Cal UAS Portal
Eileen Shibley
UAS Lead, Inyokern Airport
[email protected]
Commercial Airline Traffic
*NASA Ames Image
*NASA Ames Image
R-2508 Complex
Drone, UAV, UAS, RPV, RPA, Air Robot?
Early “Drones” were often surplus aircraft converted
to remote-control targets (Culver PQ-14)
UAVs were developed as targets and basic sensor
platforms (BQM-145A)
UAS are unmanned platforms that host varied sensors
and systems (Yamaha RMAX)
Call it a banana, if you like …. John McCain
Cal UAS Portal - Background – FAA Bill
FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 – dtd 14 Feb 12
• FAA directed to:
1. Establish 6 R&D test sites in the U.S.
2. Develop a plan to accelerate the safe integration of UAS into the national
airspace system
• When determining the location of the UAS test sites, the FAA Administrator
– consider geographic and climatic diversity;
– consult with the DOD and NASA;
– consider the location of ground infrastructure and research needs
FAA Test Sites
• FAA grants blanket Certificate of Authorization (COA)
• Gather data needed to define operating rules for UAS operations in the NAS
Develop the rules for UAS operations under their COA
• Overarching FAA Goal is to safely integrate UAS into the NAS by 2020
UAS Test Site Applications
States that have submitted
25 Applicants from 24 States
(This does not reflect team members)
Official FAA Website – June 2013
Projection: WGS84 Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere
Source: FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office
Date of Map Creation: May 13, 2013
Cartographer: Dennis Nicholas
Cal UAS Operating Area
Cal UAS– Industry Team Members
UAS Commercial Applications …
Why would California care?
• California will gain more than any other State from UAS *
• ~80% of U.S. applications are in Precision Agriculture *
$90B industry in next decade *
• UAS expected to create 100,000 jobs *
• UAS technology mature
• UAS will potentially save $Millions
• Working with Assembly and Senate
Source: Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Economic Impact Study - March 2013
UAS Applications
• Agriculture – geo-surveying, crop spraying, livestock monitoring,
wildlife inventory, soil erosion, frost mitigation, determining plant
health, crop harvesting
• Utility Companies – downed power lines, water lines, geophysical
surveys to predict mineral deposits
• First Responders - Search & Rescue, Firefighting, wildfire mapping
• Coastline Tracking - locating oil spills, coastal erosion, migratory
• Construction - facility inspection, maintenance and safety purposes
• Aerial surveillance – pipeline security, home security, road patrol, etc.
• Weather studies - Hurricane hunters (collect barometric pressure,
temperature, etc real-time)
• Reconnaissance - support in natural disasters
• Aerial photography and marketing
• Transportation – FedEx and UPS
In an effort to harness and enhance California’s innovative
spirit, the state of California launched its forward-thinking
Innovation Hub (iHub) initiative. The iHub initiative improves
the state's national and global competitiveness by stimulating
partnerships, economic development, and job creation around
specific research clusters through state-designated iHubs. The
iHubs leverage assets such as research parks, technology
incubators, universities, and federal laboratories to provide an
innovation platform for startup companies, economic
development organizations, business groups, and venture
Existing California Innovation Hubs
The proposed California Defense, Energy and Aerospace i-Hub seeks to team
California entrepreneurs and high-growth business with Federal laboratory
RDTE resources for rapid innovation in response to critical national objectives.
• Defense Technology
• Advanced Aerospace
• Unmanned Systems
• Autonomous Systems
• Space Systems
• Operational Energy
• Test & Evaluation
• Interoperability
Idea iHub headquartered at Inyokern Airport
Inyokern, California
Cal UAS Day at Inyokern Airport
Save the Date – November 16, 2013
A Family Day at Inyokern Airport
9 am to 3 pm
Activities, displays, kids stuff, BBQ
Cal UAS Next Steps
• Continue to populate Cal UAS Lab and Innovation Hub
– Focus on sUAS in our incubator and test environment
• Continue to build partnerships with academia – UC Berkley, UT,
CSUB, Cal State Pomona and UC Santa Barbara, NPGS Monterey
• Continue to build industry partnerships
• Integration tests (R3 AWSAS, T-16XL’s, AirRobot AR-100B, Silent
Arrow OPA)
Visit us at: www://
Today, UAS are like desktop computers before the internet …
… applications are limited only by our imaginations

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