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TRIRIGA 10.3.2 / 3.3.2
Beta Registration
Jim DeGroot ([email protected])
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Schedule overview
Brief content overview
Registration Process
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Schedule overview
TRIRIGA 10.3.2 / 3.3.2 releases
Hosted Beta registration begins
Hosted Beta kick-off meeting
Hosted Beta begins
Hosted Beta code refresh
Request for Beta feedback surveys
Beta survey feedback due
End of Hosted Beta
Content overview
• Link to Transparent development site
Content overview – Lease Accounting
1. Support the current International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as defined
by International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) for international TRIRIGA
2. Enhancements to support the calculations required by the most recent
FASB/IASB Exposure Draft (both Type A and Type B leases)
3. All enhancements in this release done for both Real Estate and Asset Leases
4. Enhancements to the Amortization schedule, Straight-line schedule and NPV
calculations based on customer and partner feedback
• The inclusion of Tenant Improvements, Index Adjustments and Residual Value in
the calculations
• Calculate Amortization over Lease term (as well as Likely term)
• Calculate NPV using the straight line schedule (this incorporates the payments
over time)
• Support for payments In Advance or In Arrears
5. Enhancements to Adjustment and Amendment
• Adjust for amendments due to expansion (lease obligation) or
extension/reduction (lease term)
• CPI rent schedule adjustment should update the Straight-line rent
6. Enhancements to lease accounting-related graphs (current standard vs. Exposure
Draft) to accommodate the enhancements noted above
Content overview – Time to Value
An initiative to aid in shorter system implementation and setup time with a
focus on the Space Management application
1.Quick Start Guide
Product Installation
Core data setup plus CAD Integration
Security and Portals
Process overviews
2.Portfolio Data Migration Kit
Preconfigured Staging Tables and DataConnect Jobs
Geography, Organization, Location, People modules
3.Contact Role Management
Tooling to support initial setup and ongoing maintenance of contact
Geography, Organization, Location, Asset, People, Contracts and
Projects modules
Content overview - Accessibility
Accessibility: Include accessibility support of the Capital Projects module including keyboard
accessibility for all functionality and keyboard navigation support, without requiring specific
timings for individual keystrokes.
1.Primary Navigation: Provide support for Menu, Banner, Project Selector
• Keyboard support including Tab and Arrow Key navigation for primary menu
• Navigation and selection functions
• Defined hierarchy for screen reader functions
• Banner will be navigable and all actions accessible (includes the project selector dialogue)
2.Portal: Improved keyboard and screen reader support for portal sections including table and
navigation/link sections.
• Navigation, including Accessible Rich Internet Application (WAI-ARIA) support for portal section
listing and navigation. All portal section header controls accessible.
• Content, including GWT Based tabular sections, Navigation type selections, HGrid Control, and
non-graphical charts.
3.Record Runtime: Keyboard and screen reader by way of Accessible Rich Internet Applications
(WAI-ARIA) constructs for record runtime components.
4.Gantt Equivalent Facilitation
• Task creation, editing, dependency management all to be provided in form based solution
• Critical path calculation to be accessible from the platform and exposed in the standard form
based solution
5.Charting Equivalent Facilitation
• Provide non-graphical, table based alternatives with appropriate controls to facilitate
information access
• Investigation for alternative accessible charting solutions
Registration Process – Part 1
1) The following URL will take you the entry page for Tivoli Early Programs.
2) Once there, you will be required to create an ID if you do not already have one.
3) After you have created your ID, please login.
4) The next page will prompt you for an Entitlement or Access Key. Please enter the key provided in
step #5.
Registration Process – Part 1 (continued)
5) Your Access Key is : UCBLV27K2Q (sample only)
6) You will be routed to accept the Early Programs license - attached below.
7) Upon accepting this license, you will be brought to the overview page of the TRIRIGA early program
site. You will see three main links for Overview, Support and Cloud. On the Support tab, you will find
contacts for the program. On the Cloud tab, you will find the required links to begin the process to
access the IBM Early Programs Cloud. Please navigate there.
Registration Process – Part 1 (continued)
8.) Once on the Cloud page, step one provides the link to accept the license to access early release
software on our network (attached below for reference). Accepting this license will notify me that you
have accepted all of the required terms and I will send a follow-up email with your Early Programs
Cloud Credential that will allow you to proceed to step 2, download the Cisco AnyConnect client and
connect through the EP Cloud Gateway to the hosted TRIRIGA image.
Registration Process – Part 2
To access the IBM TRIRIGA beta instance, you will now need to use the EP Cloud credential to
download and install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.
1) Please return to the IBM TRIRIGA Early Programs Website. NOTE: You must login using your ID and credential that you created, not the EP cloud login.
2) Once there, please navigate to the cloud tab:
Registration Process – Part 2 (continued)
Step 2 on the cloud tab has the link to download the VPN client. Selecting it will take you to the
remote access login page
4) Please select SWG_EP_Cloud as the group. Username will be your internet id and the Password is
the credential provided in this email
5) Successful login will attempt to do a browser based installation of the VPN client. Should the
download/installation fail, you should be provide a link to manually download the installer.
6) After successful installation of the VPN client, please try to connect. If the Connect To: is empty,
please enter this value:
7) Upon successful connection, you should be able to access the beta system at:
Documentation link
•Documentation will be located on the wiki here prior
to Hosted Beta start date. This is on the IBM Developer

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