Collodion Clinic and Cohesion Competition by Steve Bild, R. EEG

Presented to ISET
November 10, 2012
Steve Bild, R. EEG/EP T.
Collodion Hazards
 Flammable
 Toxic
 Volatile
 Ventilation: 10-15 room air changes/hour with
complete air exhaust
Flammable liquid storage cabinet
Goggles if wearing contact lenses
Keep aseptic eye wash handy
Avoid heated areas such as infant isolette
Avoid dripping in eyes
 DO NOT use in closed
 Avoid heating collodion
 Discuss alternatives with
nurse or MD
Collodion and Pregnancy
 No definitive answers
 Levels of risk aversion
 Alternatives
 Ether-free collodion (Ethyl acetate vs diethyl ether)
 Paste
Collodion Fun Fact:
Used in early photography
Collodion Fun Fact:
Used in theatrical makeup
Collodion Fun Fact
Used to clean optics such as telescope mirrors
Collodion Fun Fact:
Used by Alfred Nobel to make “blasting gelatin” in the
production of dynamite

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