Commuter Student Survey 2013 Powerpoint Presentation

Your role in the Assessment Process:
Commuter Students
0 Students not living in
institutionally –owned
campus housing
(Barbara Jacoby 2000).
About the 2013 Survey
0 WHAT? Commuter Student Survey
0 WHO? 343 UAA Commuter Students (11.44% response rate)
0 Sample: Sent to a 2,998 student representative sample of UAA
Anchorage-campus commuters on the basis of race & class
0 WHY? Campus Climate Study/Needs & Interest Assessment
0 WHERE? Administered electronically with Campus Labs
0 HOW? Completion incentive of a free beverage at the Union
Station Cafe
0 WHEN? November 8, 2013 – December 1, 2013
About the 2010 Survey
0 WHO? 1098 UAA Commuter Students (19.35% response
0 Sample: Sent to a 9,540 commuter students
0 WHERE? Administered electronically with Campus Labs
0 HOW? Completion incentive
0 First 200 students receive a free 6 inch sub at the Subway in
the Student Union
0 Students 400-500 receive a free beverage from the Student
Union Information Desk
0 Four grand prizes will be randomly selected for $100 gift card
to one of the following locations: Moose Tooth, Best Buy,
Target or Fred Meyer
0 WHEN? January 22, 2010 – March 20, 2010
About the respondents…
Living Arrangements
2013 Survey
0 58% live in
personal or
family owned
0 43% live with a
spouse or
Living Arrangements
2010 Survey
Living Arrangements
0 66% of commuter students have
supportive living situation.
Living Arrangements
90% of commuter students never lived in UAA
78% travel 20 miles or less one way to
get to UAA for classes.
12% travel 41 miles or MORE one way
to UAA.
More students drive their own car to campus than in 2010
70% of students study or do class work
during free time on campus.
55% of students usually study in the Library.
0 Other locations
include Cuddy
Hall, Aviation
Building, and
other academic
77% of UAA students work
during the academic year.
0 Over two-thirds of
those who work, work
more than 20 hours per
0 40% bring lunch from home
0 32% Subway
0 15% Kaladi at Library
0 16% Cuddy
0 10% Mein Bowl
0 8% Fireside
0 81% don’t eat UAA food because of prices and lack of
0 15% feel connected to campus life.
0 35% moderately connected to campus life.
0 50% slightly or not at all connected to campus life.
050% feel welcomed on campus.
30% of commuter students don’t attend UAA events
because they don’t want to go alone.
0 Most of my friends are other UAA students?
Attend Campus events (speakers, concerts, theatre etc)
31% never attend events
48% attend events once to three times per semester
21% attend events several per month or weekly
UAA Athletic events
67% never attend athletic events
0 71% not in a club or organization
0 29% in a club or organization
What they want ….. or don’t want.
Extremely – Moderately
0 Advising to stay on track for
graduation (60%)
0 Information about
Anchorage events (59%)
0 Professional networking
events (58%)
0 Car maintenance (51%)
0 Information about on-campus
involvement (50%)
0 Outdoor gear rentals (50%)
0 Tutoring (49%)
Slightly – Not at all
0 Furniture recycling (54%)
0 Stress management (55%)
0 Homeownership (59%)
0 Renter’s rights (62%)
0 Cycling (62%)
0 Public bus (63%)
0 UAA Shuttle (64%)
0 Help meeting other students (67%)
0 Ride-share programs (67%)
0 Support finding housing (67%)
0 Commuter student newsletter (70%)
0 Family-friendly on campus programs (71%)
0 Blackboard training (76%)
0 Speed roommate matching (80%)
0 Car rentals (82%)
0 Affordable childcare (84%)
What do you feel is your biggest challenge as
a student due to living off campus?
0 “Access to services outside of the 8am-5pm hours.”
0 “Finding parking when I get to campus and getting to class
on time due to traffic and parking issues”
0 “As a commuter student I feel like I have lost a sense of
community and belonging that I would have if I lived on
campus. I go to my classes and then I am done like most of
my friends and return home. If I lived on campus I would
be part of the community, but the cost is too high and it
would be foolish finically for me to do so as I can save
money living at home. Saving money was one of the main
reasons I stayed in Alaska + the APS.”
0 “Not knowing about a good portion of the events that are
goin on at the campus.”
What should we do now?
0 Evaluate the accessibility of support services and
amenities available to students on the weekends since
18% of students travel to campus on Saturdays and
12% on Sundays.
0 One third of UAA students are 30 years old or older. Are
we promoting our programs or services in a way that is
appealing or welcoming to this demographic?
0 Focus on areas of interest: Advising to stay on track for
graduation (60%); Information about Anchorage
events (59%); Professional networking events (58%).
What should we do now?
0 41% of students don’t participate in events or programs on
campus because they are not well informed about what’s
0 Promote programs and events via e-mail (58%), UAA website
(52%), and posters on-campus (41%).
0 Only 21% prefer to learn about campus events through the
Green & Gold Daily.
0 45% of students don’t participate because the events aren’t
scheduled at convenient times for them.
0 Focus programming resources at times that are better for
students. The best times to schedule programs, meetings, or
activities are the evenings 7PM or late (57% agree) and late
afternoons (51%) agree.
What should we do now?
0 Consider if we are using the right language to appeal to
the values of our students.
0 Low sense of connectedness (approximately 20% or less
to campus life at UAA, faculty, staff, and students) and low
sense of belonging (43%), but …
0 Relatively high sense of welcome (50%) and pride (52%)
0 55% know at least one faculty or staff member well
0 62% find it an enjoyable experience to be a student at UAA
0 Living Arrangements
 Variety of living situations
 Housing finders helps
0 Food
 More microwaves and kitchen areas.
 Reduced food prices
0 Involvement
 Develop friendships with UAA students
 Keep creating “niche” “face to face” programs
 Funnel students to clubs and organizations
0 Belonging
 More hearth spaces on campus
 A radical ridiculous hospitality and referral system
Gather data and use data to provide programs and

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