Commitment to SLERS

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Joint Task Force
SLERS Briefing
February 26, 2013
Harris Corporation
| SLERS Briefing
Commitment to Florida
Harris Corporation
| SLERS Briefing
Commitment to SLERS
Florida-Harris partnership
 SLERS network operates efficiently and effectively
 Harris currently deploys various technologies to deliver LMR service
 Project 25
 Harris will ensure Florida is ready to meet all future public safety
communications needs
Harris realignment to support SLERS
 Creation of dedicated customer advocate
 Focus on service delivery and effective communication with key
Joint Task Force and user-agencies
Governor & Legislature
Florida taxpayers
Harris Corporation
| SLERS Briefing
On-going EDACS EA support
 Corporate commitment to maintaining system equipment requirements,
expansion needs, and future technical engineering capabilities
SLERS Enhancements
 Increased capacity to meet customer requirement for short-term system
 Currently providing over $6 million in services FY 12/13
Facilitating customization needs
 Help identify workable GPS solutions within current system tolerances
 Aid in facilitating future LMR interface needs with CAD-RMS
Harris Corporation
| SLERS Briefing
New Initiatives
Harris capital investment in SLERS
 Upgrade of Harris P25 VIDA core currently supporting the
SLERS aviation network with next generation SR10 switch
 Features and benefits
• P25 Phase 2 capable – latest P25 features, improved capacity on P25
• Improved information security – latest IT techniques for network
• Next generation servers and Cisco routers – improving performance
and extending system life cycle
• Linux on Dell servers replaces SUN Solaris
• Ready for latest IP-consoles
• Increased load capacity—add up to 254 P25 sites and 400 consoles
Harris Corporation
| SLERS Briefing
Harris BeOn* added to SLERS
 Free service enhancement for state law enforcement
 BeOn enterprise server supports up to 5,000 users
 PTT feature allows a smartphone to:
• operate peer-to-peer among customizable talk groups
• encrypted transmission over SLERS network, like a radio
• Android and iOS applications
 Supported by new SR10 technology upgrade
Harris Corporation
| SLERS Briefing
Terminal Lease Program
 5 year lease-purchase with
extended warranty maintenance
 Available models
 XG-75 Portable
 M7300 Mobile
 XG-100F Unity Mobile
 Standard packages include
 current personalities
 upgraded EDACS/P25 software
 charger, microphone, antennae,
belt carrier
 two extended life batteries and
preventative maintenance
• $1500 trade-in allowance on old
XG-75 Portable Standard Features
Portable,XG-75,764-870 MHz,System,Black
Feature,Max(1024+) System/Groups Feature,ProFile OTAP
Over-the-Air Prgm Feature,ESK/P25 Personality Lock
Feature,P25 OTAR(Over-the-Air-Rekeying) Feature,256AES,64-DES ECP Encryption Feature Package,P25
Trunking & ProVoice Battery,Li-Polymer,3600 mAH
Antenna,764-870MHz,1/4 Wave Whip Case,Leather,w/Belt
Lease Price:
(monthly: $56.01, annually: $672.12)
M7300 Mobile
Mobile,M7300,764-870MHz,Half Dplx Feature,Max(1024+)
System/Groups Feature,ProFile Over-the-Air-Programming
Feature,Over-the-Air-Rekeying Feature,EDACS Data
Feature,ESK/P25 Personality Lock Feature,256-AES,64DES ECP Encryption Feature Package,P25 Trunking &
ProVoice Control Unit,CH721,System,Remote Mount
Accessories,M7300 Remote Mount
Microphone,Standard,CH721 Control Unit
Antenna,Element,700/800 2dB Low ProFile
Antenna,Base,Standard Roof Mnt Low Loss
Lease Price:
(monthly : $ 73.95, annually: $887.40)
Prices include trade-in allowance, exclude installation
Harris Corporation
| SLERS Briefing
SLERS Web Portal
Creation of a dynamic SLERS
web portal for system users
Harris Corporation
System coverage maps
Outage information
Emergency operations, disaster
planning, status advisories
Equipment technical data
Equipment software updates
User group forum
Terminal issue reporting link
Comprehensive contact info
| SLERS Briefing
Harris is committed to its Florida partnership and to maintaining
a robust, fully capable LMR system
Direct customer support resources to insure effective delivery
and communications with Stakeholders
Strategic investment in LMR system, giving Florida the same
cutting edge LTE technology used in Harris FirstNet national
demonstration projects
Innovative solutions to help remove barriers to replacement of
aging terminal equipment
Harris Corporation
| SLERS Briefing

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