Your Inner Fish Chapter 4: “Teeth Everywhere” Abbe Dembowitz AP Bio

Your Inner Fish
Chapter 4: “Teeth Everywhere”
Abbe Dembowitz
AP Bio
You might’ve thought that she introduced teeth to the world…
…but you were sadly mistaken…
The harder the tooth, the better the
• Rocks and teeth: preservation wise, they’re one in
the same
• “Bigger creatures into smaller pieces”
• Eating Habits:
•Carnivores- Sharp blades
•Herbivores- flat, square
Did you mean: condiments?
• Fossils found in ancient oceans
• “small shelly organisms with a series of spikes
projecting out of them,” (75)
• The lamprey
• The evolved jaw and Trithelodont
•Single root at base of tooth: reptile
•Bumps and ridges- mammal
“We would never have scales, feathers, and
breasts if we didn’t have teeth in the first
place,” (79)
• “The developmental tools that make teeth have been repurposed to make other
important skin structures” (80)
•Teeth: Development b/w layers of tissue in skin
•Other: Development from the interactions b/w layers of skin
•Acquiring of their prey
Take a look at your teeth…
Do they look like this?
..Introduce evolution and….
Evolution over time
1. Little fish developed
2.Big fish obtained
bigger jaws to crack
the armor
• 3. Competition arises
and animals evolve
• Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin, Vintage
Books, Random House, New York, 2009 (Pgs.

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