High Performance Computing
Course Introduction
High Performance computing
and Big Data
Object Simplified HPC for Everyone
stop the Jargon…
Learn by doing  Lectures & Workshops
Facilities Access to the State of Art computing facilities provided by
the National Super Computer Centre SURF SARA
 Web site: www.hpc.uva.nl
 studiegids: http://studiegids.uva.nl/web/uva/sgs/nl/c/14797.html
From the introductory video on the
hpc.uva.nl Web site
Learn how to use the available facilities
However there is a lot to take care …
Explore and analyse your data …
State of art computing and support
10 years to get my results & now it takes 2 weeks
Accuracy, speed, ease of use, scaling …
• It’s great that there is a course now, I would like to take
myself, where do I sign up …
That is what you are about to do in the next couple of weeks
What you need?
• Your own laptop (and a charger!)
• Operating system (on your laptop it does not matter):
– Microsoft Windows, OSX, Linux, other. . .
• Access to edurom/UvA wireless
– If you cannot  Ask Adam he will create a guest account
• A terminal program:
– cmd, Terminal, xterm, ...
• An ssh client.
– For Windows, install putty http://www.putty.org/
How to approach the HPC
• Learn by doing, hands on (except for today)
• Use cases
This first workshop prepare you the next ones :
– Introduces the basic background needed to be
able to:
• Communicate with computer scientists/ programmers
and understand what they actually mean 
• First step to prepare a generation of Data Scientists
Very important for Students
• BSc students (excluding informatica students) can earn 6 EC by
following this course
• MSc students needs the approval of their ExamCommicie
• You HAVE to submit the Assignments to validate the course
Very important for US
• Your feedback are very important to improve
the course (don’t hesitate to get in touch for
• If you have a specific use case you think that
requires HPC don’t hesitate to discuss it with
the workshop organizer
HPC Schedule
1. Intro to distributed sys &
2. Introduction to Unix
(Adam Belloum, UvA)
Lectures/6 hours
(John Donners, SURFsara)
Workshop/2 hours
3. Using Lisa / Using
4. HPC Cloud
(Jeroen Engelbert, SURFsara)
Workshop/4 hours
Workshop/8 hours
6. GPU on DAS4
(Markus van Dijk/ Natalie
Danezi, SURFsara)
(Machiel Jansen/
Jeroen Schot, SURFsara)
(Ana Varbanescu, UvA)
7. MPI / OpenMP
(Clemens Grelck, UvA)
Workshop/4 hours
8. Local and Remote
Visualisation Techniques
(Rob Belleman, UvA)
Workshop/4 hours
5. Using Hadoop
Workshop/8 hours
Workshop/4 hours
Lectures/Workshops Duration
1. Intro to distributed
sys & BigData
(Adam Belloum, UvA)
Type: Lectures (4 hours)
When: 05/01 -9:00-13:00 - Where: SP G2.02(1)
Type: Lectures (2 hours)
When: 07/01 -13:00-15:00 - Where: SP G2.10(1)
2. Introduction to Unix
Type: Workshop (2 hours)
When: 07/01 -15:00-17:00 - Where: SP G2.10(1)
(John Donners SURF SARA)
3. Using Lisa / Using
Type: Workshop (4 hours)
When: 12/01 -13:00-17::00 - Where: SP G2.10(1)
(Jeroen Engelberts, SURF SARA)
4. HPC Cloud
Type: Workshop (8 hours)
When: 15/01 -9:30-17:00 - Where: SP A1.16(2) / D1.116(3)
(Markus van Dijk/ Natalie Danezi, SURF
6. Using Hadoop
Type: Workshop (8 hours)
When: 19/01 -9:30-17:00 - Where: SP A1.10(2)/ D1.116(3)
(Machiel Jansen/ Jeroen Schot, SURF
5. GPU on DAS4
Type: Workshop (4 hours)
When: 22/01 -13:00-17:00 - Where: SP D1.114(3)
Type: Workshop (4 hours)
When: 26/01 -9:00-13:00 - Where: SP A1.04(2)
(Ana Varbanescu, UvA/VU)
Type: Workshop (4 hours)
When: 29/01 -9:00-13:00 - Where: SP A1.04(2)
(Rob Belleman, UvA)
8. MPI / OpenMP
7. Local and Remote
(1) SPB
(Clemens Grelck, UvA)
G2.02, G2.10, G3.10 are located in Building G, Science Park 1098 XH Amsterdam
A1.04, A1.10, A1.16 are located in Building A, Science Park 1098 XH Amsterdam
(3) SP D1.114, D1.116 are located in Building D, Science Park 1098 XH Amsterdam
(2) SP
Teaching Staff
• SurfSara
Machiel Jansen [email protected]
Jeroen Schot [email protected]
Markus van Dijk [email protected]
Anatoli Danezi [email protected]
Jeroen Engelbert [email protected]
• UvA
– Adam Belloum (IvI) [email protected]
– Robert Belleman (IvI) [email protected]
– Clemens Grelck (IvI) [email protected]

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