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Formula SAE
Design, build, and compete with
a small formula-style race car
Compete in Society of Automotive
Engineers event with teams from
around the world
Build a new car from the ground up
every year
Design and model the vehicle
Manufacture and assemble the
Test and tune the vehicle
 Develop real-world engineering,
team work, and leadership skills
 Organization open to all years with
senior design credit in final year
Laura Weaver– Tipton, IA
ME Machine Shop
• Paid position
• In the same building as
my classes
• Learn a lot about other
students’ design projects
• Gain skills relevant to
design and manufacturing
• Work in the machine shop a few hours each
week, helping students with their projects
• M.E. majors need to use the machine shop for
their senior design projects
• Can work on personal projects as well
This is me!
Becky Schumm- Baltimore, MD
5-Term Co-op
Graduate with ~18 months of work experience
5 year program (still only 8 semesters of tuition!)
Apply and interview Spring semester freshman
Get paid (Average co-op salary is around $17/hr)
A9 Series Steam Turbine
Some companies offer housing/moving
Work for the same company each rotation
Companies all over the US
Great way to see what ME’s really do!
LCT Ultrasonic Flow Meter
F101 Engine
Ashley Laterza – Mason, OH
Purdue FIRST Programs
 Mentors locals schools in FIRST
family of robotics programs
 20 FLL teams (up to 10 elementary/middle
school students)
 4 FRC teams (high school students)
 Organizes FLL Qualifying tournament
and Boilermaker FRC Regional
 Two credit hour class! – ME 297
 62 students, 15% female
 All majors welcome!
 Travel to competitions
Carolyn – Abington, MA
Global Design Teams
Basic Utility Vehicle - Cameroon
 Design and prototype a low cost utility
vehicle for developing countries
 Travel to Cameroon to implement the
 Hands on engineering!
 Can be taken for course credit or as a
senior design project
 Interdisciplinary engineering team
Jacqueline Fontaine – Brentwood, TN
Semester-Long Internships
Need a break from classes but don’t want to commit to a co-op?
Try a semester internship!
For students who do not want to
commit to 3 or 5-rotations with a
specific company, a semester
internship is a great way to get
industry experience, take a break
from classes, and get paid.
My experience:
• GE Appliances in Louisville, KY
Dishwasher Quality Engineering Intern
• 5 month assignment
• More in-depth projects and responsibility than at summer internships
• Make friends from all over the country
Allison Cargill – Cincinnati, OH
China Maymester
 2 week trip to 4 Chinese cities
 Shanghai, Ningbo, Harbin, Beijing
 3 hour tech elective credit
 Stay at 2 Chinese Universities and are paired
with a Chinese student to be shown around
 Tour major landmarks
 Keep daily journal and write final paper on
Chinese culture due after return
 Approximately $3000 (including housing and
most meals)
Colleen Courtwright – Slidell, LA
Name– Hometown
Phi Sigma Rho
 Social Sorority for Women in Engineering
and Engineering Technology
 All women in engineering welcome!
 There are callouts at the beginning of each
 Make lifelong friendships with other girls in
your major – homework help, support, and
tons of fun!
Annual formal dances
Greek social events
Study Tables
Phi Sigma Rho house in the acres
Kara McManus– Cincinnati, Ohio
Purdue EcoMakers (EcoCAR2 Team)
Goal: Improving the fuel efficiency of a family sedan while maintaining original
performance, quality and convenience
Open to all years of undergraduate and graduate students - most members
majoring in ME, MET, ECE, Computer Science, or Business
Allows for experience working with relevant hybrid technology and provides
networking opportunities with industry professionals
Purdue is one of only 15 universities selected to participate in this three-year
challenge sponsored by GM and the U.S. Department of Energy
Alex Wallace – Carmel, IN
• Founded at Purdue University in 1975
•Founders were known as “Chicago Six”
•Largest student ran organization
•Mission: To Increase number of culturally
responsible black engineers who excel
academically, succeed professionally, and
positively impact the community.
•Purdue Chapter is known as “the Mother
•Any one can join NSBE
•There are NSBE chapters in Canada,
Ghana, Nigeria, and many European
Ermias Enyew – Indianapolis, IN
Purdue ResLife
Purdue Resident Assistant:
Mentor 40+ Students
Plan Educational Programs
Build Life-Long Friendships
Have Fun!
90’s Night Shown Below!
Example of a Community Event
• Over 11,000 Residents and 200 RAs
• Application Process Starts Late in the Fall
Colton Gann – Rockford, IL
Purdue Engineering Student Council
 One of the most active and respected student organizations at Purdue
 40 Engineering students of all grade levels and majors
 Serve Students, Faculty, and Industry by planning both professional and fun events
 Gain professional contacts while making lifelong friendships
 Industrial Roundtable
 Organized by PESC
 Largest student run job fair in the world
 For more information and to find out
how to apply, visit
Aerial view of Industrial Roundtable Job Fair
Gerald Hardesty– Millhousen, IN
Study Abroad-Alicante, Spain
Bull Arena-Alicante, Spain
•6 week program over the summer
•Lived with a Spanish family
•Received 6 general electives for Purdue credit
•Made life long friends!
La Sagrada FamiliaBarcelona
Julia– Riverside, IL
• Non-denominational Christian organization
• Friday night worship, Bible studies, mentoring
• Retreats
• Spring Break
• Winter Break
Kyle Dickerson – Indianapolis, IN
Cary Club
• Student-governing body over Cary
• Plan events for all of the residents within
Cary Quadrangle to build a community
within the residence hall.
• Organize an annual “Rock the Quad”
concert, free for all Purdue students.
• Cary Club Radio (WCCR) was the first
student-run radio station at Purdue, as
well as one of the first in the Big Ten.
Kyle Troesch – Saint Meinrad, IN
Engineering Research Internship:
Hannover- Clausthal
 About 3-month long internship program at Leibniz University, Hanover, Germany
 Apply through the study abroad office with consent from the ME undergrad office. GPA
requirement: 3.0 and above, No language requirement, 9 total credits – 6 TE + 3 GE/WAC
 Lots of travelling, exposure to new culture, language and work - environment
 Worked at the Turbo-Machinery and Fluids Department
 Traveled to almost 7 countries!!
 This experience also contributed to my full-time offer with Gulfstream Aerospace
Mayura Davda– Solapur, India
5 Classes Total:
3 Required
2 Free
AD 105 – Design 1
AD 113 – Basic Drawing
AD 227 – Art History
AD 117 – Black and White
Film Photography
AD 114 – Typography
AD 113
AD 117
SENSE – Study Abroad in Germany
• 7 weeks of summer spent studying engineering
and the German language in Germany
• No German required – through Purdue’s Study
Abroad Office
• Opportunity to travel to many different
countries before and during program
• Get a tech elective!
• Take classes on
automotive engineering
or aerospace
Michaeleen Metzner – Milwaukee, WI
Purdue Society of Women Engineers
Four Facets of Purdue SWE
• Professional/Personal
• Outreach
• Technical
• Social
PSWE Facts
• Longest Continuous Section
• Top 2 Largest Section in the
world (400+ members)
• Part of Region H
Why I love PSWE!
• The people! Lots of great friends
• The networking! Great outlet for
career opportunities
• The fun! Has lots of fun activities
to take a break from school
Rachel Lindsay – Kansas City, MO
GEARE—Global Engineering Alliance for Research
and Education
 Study abroad program and work abroad
 7 months abroad
1 semester/summer studying abroad
1 semester/summer participating in an
internship abroad
Abroad during Spring of Junior year
“There is nothing else like studying abroad in
China. The experience gained by being here
(especially by working abroad) gives you such a
different and more global view of the world—
something that all engineering companies are
looking for. This isn’t anything you’ll find in a
 Opportunities for ME students
China and Germany are most common
Other locations include: Spain, Singapore,
France, China
 12 credit language requirement
 Benefits:
Global work
Learning a new culture
Nitesh Bajaj-West Lafayette, IN
• Studying in Shanghai, Spring 2013
Purdue Bands
• No music majors at Purdue
• Marching band, concert bands, orchestras, jazz
bands, small ensembles, athletic pep bands
All-American Marching Band:
• 2 credit class
• Over 60% STEM majors
• Daily rehearsals
• Football games
• Other school events
• Travel!
Sarah Small – Mundelein, IL
Basic Utility Vehicle:
• Vehicle for rural Africa
• Competition with other universities
• 1st place 2012 team
• Travel to Cameroon for 3 weeks
• Build and test vehicle
Competition ↑
• Low cost
• Local materials and low
tech manufacturing
• Durable for Africa
• Simple maintenance and
Tyler Brammeier– Okawville, IL
Purdue University Dance Marathon
 Largest philanthropic organization on campus.
 Dedicated to raising money for the Riley Hospital for
 First student organization to win One Brick Higher Award.
 1788 people raised a total of $528, 654.67 in 2012.
 Can either join as a committee member or just as dancer.
Naman Mandhan – Dubai, UAE
Purdue Solar Racing
• Design and Build a solar car from scratch
• 2 year design & build cycle
• Shell Eco Marathon
• To join, just attend a
PSR Call-out!
• Fun, hands-on
experience for
Maxine Hwang – Troy, MI
GEARE Germany - Unique combination of both
work and global experience!
 Spend two semesters
overseas for internship
and study abroad
 Apply with OPP either
freshman year or early
sophomore year
Sheila Kotadia – Glendale Heights, IL
Women In Engineering Program (WIEP)
Devoted to helping women and girls to discover their inner engineer
 Puts on outreach programs and events, networking and professional
development events, tutoring/mentoring, and a seminar class
Imagination, Innovation, Discovery, & Design (K-5) and
Innovation 2 Reality (6-8)
Outreach program that introduces young students
to engineering through hands-on activities
New students hired every semester to be a part of
the leadership team
You get paid to go to elementary schools and do fun
projects with excited kids!
Kelli Knust– Ferdinand, IN
3 Term Co-Op
Kathleen Leisring – Cincinnati, OH
 3 term Co-Op at SABIC Innovative Plastics
 Become a Co-Op through the Office of Professional Practice!
 Interview for Co-Op positions in January
 Get real-world experience at great companies
 Take on more challenging projects each term
 Make money while you’re in school!

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