Pick-Face Area

Who We Are
A cutting edge national distributor providing high-quality
industrial control products at extremely low prices.
Knowledgeable Customer Support – Our top-notch inside
sales and tech support departments assists with product
selection, installation and troubleshooting
Same Day Shipping - Every in-stock item ordered by 5pm
EST ships the same day.
FREE Shipping - Free UPS Ground shipping to the
continental US on all web orders above $500
Who Are Our Customers?
• Any industry that has some type of
manufacturing process is a potential customer.
Industries such as Automotive, Food and
Beverage, Packaging, Waste Water,
Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas are just a few
examples where you will find a high degree of
automated assembly or process taking place.
• Diverse group of customers range from Fortune
100 companies to retirees who have taken up
woodworking in their garage.
Importance of Warehouse
• Due to the nature of our business, it is imperative we ship orders quickly and
• Many purchases are to replace products that have expired, causing costly
shutdowns for our customers.
• FactoryMation is a young, rapidly growing organization. Our goal is to dramatically
improve efficiency in order to double our output without adding additional headcount.
• The bulk of our orders are labor intense piece picks.
• FM is flexible. We will consider any and all ideas to help improve efficiency and increase
• FM plans to open additional warehouses in the coming years. We plan to use the layout
of this facility as a guide to future warehouse design.
• Some items have significant lead-times and they are shipped immediately upon arrival.
Need to determine the best way to quickly move these from item receipt to order
Old system
Warehouse Cheat Sheet
Row 1: Brook Crompton Motors
Row 2: Teco & Allied
Row 3: Iboco
Row 4: Teco
Row 5: LS/Metasol
Row 6: LS/Metasol
Row 7: Weg & J. Auer
Row 8: Micron, Aeco, & Delta
Row 9: Magnecraft, Repol, Elko, Ferraz, & Misc.
Row 10: Bimed, & Chint
Row 11: Autonics, Menics, Finder, & Kitel
Row 12: IMO, Greenlee, & Teco
Row 13: Eldon
Row 14: Eldon
Row 15: Eldon
Row 16: Hibox & Scame
Row 17: Saginaw
Row 18: Saginaw
Row 19: Eldon Enclosures
Row 20: Eldon Enclosures
Back Wall: Ferraz Fuses
• Pickers required to memorize location of products
based on manufacturer.
• Items sorted alphabetically
• New employees struggled to find products. Took
months to get familiarized with locations
• No weight or dimensions taken into consideration
New system
Bin Locations
• First two digits represent
• Second set of numerical
digits represent Bay/Pallet
• Third character (letter)
signifies Shelf
Position/Pallet level
• Fourth set of characters
(numeric) indicates bin
Pick-Face Area
• Areas below shaded in green represent fixed bin locations, except for top shelf
• Top shelf of green area is overflow along with areas below shaded in blue.
• Unshaded areas indicate rack-pick, Pallet Storage or unit-load areas.
Inbound Warehouse
Warehouse Processes:
Warehouse Processes:
Handheld Mobile Computer Utilized
• Receiving – Each item is scanned to ensure accuracy.
• Putaway – Handheld mobile device directs warehouse personnel through
warehouse in most efficient manner to complete putaway process.
Warehouse Processes:
Outbound Warehouse
Picking & Fulfillment
Warehouse Processes - Outbound
• Picking – Each bin location is scanned to ensure
accuracy. Like putaway, the mobile computer will
guide the picker through the warehouse using the
most efficient route.
• We will be batch picking. Multiple orders are
grouped into small batches to reduce travel.
• At the time of fulfillment, individual items will be
scanned to ensure accuracy and verify quantities.
Warehouse Processes:
Small Parcel
Shipping Dock
• What is the best way to determine product placement in bins?
• Should FM arrange SKUs by Product Family and Groups? This would simplify
putaway and replenishment, but would not be as efficient when picking.
• Should FM arrange SKUs solely by sales volume? Much more efficient for
picking, but more difficult to replen and putaway.
• What is the best way to layout the pick-face area to maximize efficiency?
• What size bin is best for each SKU?
• How much product should FM keep in each bin based on prior sales history?
• How often should FM replenish?
• How to determine reorder points and safety stock for bins?
• Determine optimal shipping carton size to reduce cost and void fill required.
• Where should shipping and receiving docks be located?
• What is the best method for measuring performance?

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