14 WH Secular vs Vernacular

Secular vs. Vernacular
The following pages describe the
difference between secular and
vernacular in relation to the
• denoting attitudes, activities, or other things
that have no religious or spiritual basis.
• Worldly, Humanist, Nonreligious, Educated
• Vernacular is common language spoken by
average citizens of a particular place, or is
language used within a particular field,
industry, religion or culture. During the
Renaissance it would include religious beliefs.
• Common, Informal, Profane, Everyday, Ritual,
Secular or Vernacular
• The sacrifice of a virgin into volcano for the
purpose of maintaining good graces with your
Secular or Vernacular
Secular or Vernacular
• The performance of the ceremonial Ghost Dance by
the Sioux Native Americans for the purpose of
driving away white man.
Secular or Vernacular
• Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
Secular or Vernacular
• Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Motion
Secular or Vernacular
• brother
Secular or Vernacular
• bro
• Other examples?

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