Earning the Right

The Sales V
1.Earning the Right
2.Finding the Need
3.Creating the Need
4.Selling the Solution
5.Recap Discussion
6.Ask For Da Business
Sales 101
Looking at the Sales V
Earning the Right
Establishing Credibility
Opening the Ears and Mind
Why Should They Listen To You?
Earning the Right
Asking Questions and What Questions One
Asks Is The Single Most Important Factor
In Selling
What was Socrates on to?
Finding The Need Is All About Finding The Pain
Points and/or Finding the Problem
Finding the Need
Once You Have Uncovered The Pain…
It Is Time To:
 Dig Deeper
Establish Agreement of the Problem and/or
Creating the Need
By This Point In Your Discussion Three Critical
Things Have Happened:
1. You have established credibility
2. You have uncovered a fixable problem
3. You and your prospect are at least verbally on
the same page
The Stage Is Set
Now It’s Time To Sell Your Solution!
Selling the Solution
Presenting your solution(s) must tie back into
the established and agreed upon problems!
Don’t Worry – You Can Still Be Asking
Recap Your Discussion with the agreed upon
problem, agreed upon solution and potential
course of action…then ASK FOR THE
Recap and Ask for The Business
Won’t I sound like a robot?
 Don’t Be A Sales Person! Help People Buy
Things and Make The Right Decision
 Always Be Honest – Integrity Rules!
FAQ and Final Points
Applying What We Have Learned…When You
Interview You Are Selling….???
Let’s Start With The Basics
1. Dress Professionally – Appearance Matters
Slovenly = Not Together Person at Perception
Neat, Professional = You Are So Together!
2. Have Your Affairs In Order – Paper Work Etc.
3. Yes – Clean Up The FB, They Might Be Looking
Interviewing 101
Why you need to ask your interviewer
questions and what kind of questions are
most impactful
How you can sell yourself in an interview
Accomplishments vs. Experience – how to
position what you’ve accomplished in life
What hiring managers and recruiters look for
Winning the Interview 101
Two Types of Questions
 Questions about the goals of the company
 Questions about the goals of your
potential boss
What kind of questions are most
Ask Yourself – What have I
Ask Yourself – What am I passionate
Accomplishments vs. Experience –
how to position what you’ve
accomplished in life
Have one funny (appropriate) joke!
 When they ask “Why should we hire you?”
Be prepared…
 When they throw the curve ball …such as
“If you were a Big Mac what part of the
Big Mac would you be?”
 Even if you’re not feeling it…act like you
totally want and are the right person for
the position!!
Be Prepared!
Resources to get the interview
- Careerbuilder.com, Indeed.com,
Linkedin.com, Monster.com…Yes All Of It.
- Personal Contacts, Family Friends,
- Facebook, Social Media Sites

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