On the Sidewalk Bleeding PPT

On the Sidewalk Bleeding.
Evan Hunter.
What are the four kinds of literary
Man vs. Nature: Struggle with a force of nature.
Man vs. Society: Struggle with the laws or beliefs of
a group.
Man vs. Self: Struggle deciding what to think or do.
There is often a moral dilemma, or a question of
Man vs. Man: Struggle with another character.
Conflict in the setting.
Our view of New York.
Andy’s view of New York. “They would
move to a clean project in the Bronx.”
Conflict in ‘On the Sidewalk Bleeding.’
Man v man:
• Andy was stabbed by another person and left to die in an alleyway.
• He [Andy] had been stabbed ten minutes ago. The knife had entered just below
his rib cage and had been drawn across his body violently, tearing a wide gap in his
• Gang conflict (Royals v Guardians).
“That was a fierce rumble. They got me good that time”
Consequences for Andy: Freddie and Angela don’t help him because they don’t want
to “get mixed up in this” when they see Andy’s jacket.
Man v nature:
Nature and the environment are against Andy. There are constant references to the
rain and the dark. “the rain was beating a steady relentless tattoo on the cans” and
“the cold ran washing his hot body.”
Consequences for Andy:
Perhaps if it had been day, and more people were around, Andy could have survived.
But instead he is dying in a dark, isolated alleyway that has already been the setting
for gang conflict.
• Man v. himself.
This is the most important type of conflict.
At first, Andy is in denial “I can’t be dying,” but he is kidding himself. He realizes
that he’s dying when he can’t communicate with Angela and Freddie.
Andy wonders if he has made the right decisions in his young life by being part of
the royals. “And he wondered suddenly if the Guardians who had ambushed him and
knifed him had ever once realized he was Andy.”
There is a conflict over whether to keep his gang identity with the Royals or whether or
not to be himself, Andy.
In the Royals, he has a title and a jacket, but he is just another faceless gang member.
Consequences: Andy asks himself a series of rhetorical questions “Had they known that
he was Andy or had they simply known that he was Royal wearing a purple silk jacket?
Had they stabbed him, Andy, or had they only stabbed the jacket and the title and what
good was the title if you were dying?”.
He comes to the conclusion “I’m Andy, he screamed wordlessly, I’m Andy.”
Literary devices.
• Rhetorical questions: used to show Andy’s
inner conflict with himself, and his search for
• Oxymoron (when contradictory terms are
combined together: e.g ‘screamed
wordlessly’: to show the gap between what
Andy wants and what he has/his inner identity
and how others see him. ‘I’m Andy, he
screamed wordlessly. I’m Andy.”
Literary devices.
• Symbolism (a symbol is a physical object that
stands in for an IDEA. They provide meaning
beyond what is actually described.)
• Personification (giving non human things
human qualities):
• Simile.
Literary devices.
• Symbolism: The jacket- stands for the conflicts between gangs (man
and man), the conflict between Andy and himself in terms of his
identity, the prejudice of Andy by others.
The knife that cuts Andy could also be a symbol for the gang conflict in
the story.
The rain is a symbol of the man v nature conflict.
• Personification (giving non human things human qualities): The
rain ‘was beating’ the rain ‘chilled him’ the rain ‘drilling his jacket.’
• ‘a world that was rushing past at the end of the alley.’
• Simile. The old lady and her umbrella. She ‘carried it like a queen’
Questions on Conflict.
1. What effect does Andy’s jacket have on the people who find
him in the alleyway?
2. What role does the jacket play in the short story, and what
name could we give to the jacket?
Extension and homework: point of
• We only get the story from Andy’s POV.
• Write a ¾ to 1 page conclusion to this short
story that begins after the statement:
“She did not stop running until she found a cop.”
• Write this continuation from either Laura’s point
of view or the police officer’s POV.
• Remember that Laura and the police officer do
not know what Andy’s personal experience has
been. Imagine what they would see, hear, think,
and feel.

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