A Cell Vs. Car

By: Ashley Brandon
because the driver is in control of what
the car does, goes, and what happens
inside of the car.
because you store food, water and
other wastes into your trunk, like were
all the things go in the vacuoles.
because the car body holds everything
together but it also controls everything
that comes in and out of the car.
The Cell Membrane controls what goes in and
out of the car just like the windows and the
doors control what comes in and out of the
The Wires carry materials and energy
just like the endoplasmic reticulum.
It gives the car gas, oil, and such to
run, and wires that send electrical
power from the batteries which causes
it to run the engine, and give power to
work your windows, sunroof, and etc.
It can be compared to the engine of the
car because it converts sugar to energy
like the engine converts gasoline to
move your car.
it produces the energy (protein) to
the car allowing it to drive places.
Animal cell
Plant cell
Plant and animal cells have cell
membranes, endoplasmic reticulum's,
nucleus, cytoplasm, mitochondria,
lysosomes and ribosome's.
Plant cells have cell walls.
Animal cells do not.
Plant cells have central vacuoles.
There are more lysosomes in the animal
cell than the plant.
Plant cells are rigid
Plant cells have chloroplasts

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