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Warm Up- Pair/Share
Discuss what you know about metaphors.
Choose and say one of the three sentence frames to
discuss metaphors with your partner.
1)“I know that a metaphor is______. An example of
a metaphor is________”.
2)“I think a metaphor is__________. I think this
because _______________”.
3)“I do not know what a metaphor is but I can make
an educated guess that it has something to do
Metaphor vs. Simile
A simile is a comparison between
two things using like and as. Similes
are often used in poems to
emphasize a point.
Instead of saying “He ran quickly”.
 He ran as fast as a cheetah.
Common Similes
"I feel as old as dirt"
"You are as slow as molasses"
"She was as white as a ghost".
“He ran like the wind”
Makes a comparison between seemingly
unlike things without “like” or “as”.
Example: “This room is an Oven!”
 Do I mean that this classroom is an oven?
 Turn to your partner and tell him/her what
I really mean.
Common Metaphors
The crowd began to simmer down.
-Heat is activity, and activity is heat.
A recipe for disaster .
-A disaster is the finished product of bad ingredients and
She had a raw talent for music.
-Talent is only potential, and must be developed (cooked).
Metaphor or Simile?
Can Mrs. McCown figure it out?
Tim was as tall as Mount Everest
Simile: uses as to compare Tim and Mount Everest.
Jordan walked like an elephant on
Metaphor: compares Jordan and elephant without
like or as.
Your Turn!
Simile (S) or Metaphor (M) ?
Use whiteboards
Carrying my book bag was like dragging
around a bag of boulders.
Simile: uses “like” to compare book bag and boulders.
She danced like she was trying to stomp on
rabid squirrels.
Simile: uses “like to compare dance and squirrels.
Jordan’s reply was burning hot and crispy.
Metaphor: compares reply with hot and crispy without using
“like” or “as”.
Your Turn!
Simile (S) or Metaphor (M) ?
Use whiteboards
Her hair was golden silk streaming in the afternoon
Metaphor: compares hair with silk without using “like” or “as”.
The algebra question x+16=30 is a sharp
object jiggling around in my brain
Metaphor: compares question with object without using “like”
or “as”.
Jan’s broken nose swelled up like a big red
Simile: uses “like to compare dance and squirrels.
How to make a metaphor
Sun, Diamond
: “The sun was a diamond in the
Make a Metaphor
Mind, Sponge
 What does a sponge do?
 Soak up liquid.
 Can your mind soak up anything?
 “Her mind was a sponge absorbing
all the details”.
Partner Work-Create a metaphor for
each pair of words.
Car, refrigerator
Tommy, pig
Cindy, mule
*Remember, think how the two words can be
Independent Work
Your ticket out the door
Write one sentence for each of your three
metaphors explaining what the metaphors mean.
“The sun was a diamond in the sky”.
The sun was bright, shiny and stood out against the
blue of the sky.

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