Developed vs.Developing Countries

• Projects DEADLINE Monday 10/15
(50 POINTS) 
-Email, print, scripts, lyrics, etc.
-Songs and PSA videos will be shown/presented
Friday 10/19
• Double check rubric and information packet that all components
for each option are included
• Clear objective of your campaign identified and clearly focused
• Late projects will be -5 each school day after deadline
• Name identified on all projects
Jump Starter
(Write the phrase and your response)
Which of the following statements
describes the United States?
Describe why.
“A nation with a low level of material well being”
“A country that allows its citizens to enjoy a free and
healthy life in a safe environment.”
Public Health Unit Lesson 3:
Local vs. Universal
TSWBAT identify characteristics & examples of developing vs.
developed countries and why they are public health concerns.
TSWBAT value the job of a community health department in your
everyday life.
Brainstorm on your own…
List some names/examples of developing and developed
2. What does a developing and developed country look like?
3. What characteristics/examples can you think of that make
them different?
*****Write these on your worksheet.
Characteristics & Examples of
Developing vs. Developed Countries
Sanitation; Clean H2O; Life Spans; Disease; Income; Housing
Why are these Public Health issues??
Developing Countries
(Rwanda, Ghana, Ethiopia)
• Definition – “A nation with a low level of material well being”
• Characteristics:
High Birth Rates
Poverty is widespread
Can’t satisfy basic needs
Can’t produce enough jobs/food
- Rwanda is very poor.
- 92% of Rwanda is covered by a national health plan that costs
$2 dollars per year
- Rwanda has very few toilets – people dig holes
- Almost 80% of illness in developing countries is linked to
Developed Countries
(USA, Canada, Germany)
• Definition – “A country that allows its citizens to enjoy a free and
healthy life in a safe environment.
• Characteristics
▫ Low birth rates
- We can drive to any supermarket we want and get almost
any kind of food we want
- We have access to clean safe drinking water 24/7
The Water Project
• A project to get clean drinking water to developing
• Nearly 1 billion people don’t have access to clean
drinking water
• Water Video (3:23)
If the world had 100 people…
• What would it look like?
100 People Video

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