Violent Crime Vs. Poverty and Median Income

Understanding crime can aid in
allocating law enforcement resources.
This project is intended to show
potential correlations between poverty or
median income and violent crime.
Collect crime data from the Uniform
Crime Reports (UCR)
Study crime throughout the mid-atlantic
including PA, NJ, DE, MD, DC, VA, and
Statistically calculate the hot spots of
crime in the study area.
About the Data
The crime data came from UCRs
submitted to the FBI from local law
enforcement. Some data missing from
 Poverty and Median Income data came
from the 2000 census.
 County shapefile came from ESRI and
included 2000 census data.
Data (continued)
All data was stored in a geodatabase.
The layer files used for data
representation were stored in a folder
with the geodatabase.
Violent Crime/Hot Spot Model
Violent Crime and Hot Spots
Poverty Model
Poverty vs. Crime
Median Income Model
Median Income vs. Crime
Poverty percentage expectations.
Poverty totals overall
Median Income and Crime in and
around the major cities.
Further Research
Study property crime
 Study other demographics (education,
race, median age)
 Study specific crimes rather than overall
 Expand the study area.

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