8-3.1 Lowcountry vs. Upcountry

Lowcountry vs. Upcountry
#1 Which two sections of S.C.
were at odds with one another
during the post-Revolutionary War
time period?
#2 Where is the Upcountry located?
I. Upcountry
A. Who and where
1. In the northwestern part
of the state
2. Home to the Cherokees
3. 1st whites were traders
and woodsmen
4. Viewed as uncivilized by
the Lowcountry elite
5. Tended to be Loyalists
during the Revolution
#3 What type of farmers tended to live
in the Upcountry?
I. Upcountry
B. Subsistence farmers
1. Growing enough food
to survive
2. Few owned slaves
3. Tended to be poor
C. Revolution hurt
1. British destroyed
farms, took livestock
#4 Where was the original capital of
#5 Where was the capital moved to
and why?
I. Upcountry
D. Politically unequal
1. Higher white population
2. Not represented equally
3. Far away from the
capital of Charleston
4. In 1786, capital was
moved to Columbia
Made it closer and
Helped with the tension
a little bit
#6 What invention led to the
development of plantations in the
#7 Which cash crop revived the
Carolina economy after the
#8 What did the legislature agree to in
the Compromise of 1808?
#9 What type of crop was cotton?
I. Upcountry
E. Slavery
1. Upcountry didn’t support it
2. Lowcountry didn’t want to
give up political power
3. Cotton gin made cotton a
money maker for everyone
4. Upcountry began to use
slaves to grow cotton
5. Compromise of 1808
reapportionment based
on white population and
property (land and slaves)
6. Both areas now had power
#10 Where is the Lowcountry located?
II. Lowcountry
A. Who and where
1. The area around
Charleston and along the
Atlantic coast
2. 1st area to be settled
3. Plantation owners growing
rich from rice and indigo
4. Tended to be Patriots
during the Revolution
#11 What type of Farmers tended to
live in the Lowcountry?
II. Lowcountry
B. Plantations with lots of
slave labor
1. Tended to be very rich
C. Revolution hurt
1. British destroyed
property, took slaves
and livestock
#12 What reasons were behind the
suffering of the Lowcountry after the
Revolutionary War?
II. Lowcountry
D. Economic problems
Made most of their money
using mercantilism
When war ends, England
doesn’t buy Lowcountry
crops as much
Subsidies stop too
Owed lots of money to
US & SC gov’t couldn’t pay
for stuff they “borrowed” for
the war
Poor crops made it worse
until cotton came along
#13 What compromise eventually gave
the upcountry more representation in
II. Lowcountry
E. Unequal power
1. Charleston was capital and
made it easy for elite
2. Had far greater
representation in gov’t
3. Once Upcountry agreed
with slavery, Lowcountry
gave more power to them
(Compromise of 1808)

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