Tips/Training to Develop a Competitive Culture

“Competitive drive is not governed by innate
ability, but by self-discipline and desire.”
~Anson Dorrance, Head Women’s Soccer Coach
University of North Carolina
A competitive culture must be introduced then
maintained thru a consistent standard of
behaviors exhibited by all team members, staff
 How does this happen?
Vision – Help players “see” the end result
 Ask what does winning look like? List behaviors that
promote winning.
 What does losing look like? List defeating
Communication – Talk positively, expect positive
Action Plan: Define guidelines, roles,
Execution: Incorporate system of accountability
for players to own
 Daily goal setting
 Competitive Matrix/Cauldron
Drills to Promote
Competitiveness in
Doubles competition: 2 vs. 2
Narrow Court 2 min doubles
6 teams of 2 on 2 nets – use antennae
 1 vs. 6 team 3 refs/shags
 2 vs. 5 team 4 refs/shags
 Variations on scoring:
 Keep running score
 Wins/losses
 +/- differential
 1st team to score 15 digs
Triples competition: 3 vs. 3
Narrow Court 2 min triples
4 teams of 3 on 1 net – use antennae
 Rules:
 Must have a double block on every attack
 No tips in front of the 10’ line
 Forces hitters to learn ways to score off
Rally score, side-out scoring
1, 2, 3 Drill
4 vs. 4 vs. 4
 1 Tip, 2 Back Row Attacks, 3 Anything
 Coach initiates to winning side; 1 team
waits at pole, losing team moves off.
 Each team must earn points in
 Points do not need to be consecutive.
Winners gets next ball.
5 vs. 5 vs. 5
3 Segments: MH with S, OH with S, OH
& RS with back row setter
 Each team gets 3-5 balls in which to
score points: +2 FBK, +1 transition.
 Accumulate points each round.
 Defensive team does not score points.
Can make teams even or stack team
competition with skewed scoring.
22-19 Defensive Pride Drill
6 vs. 6 Game to 25
 Side A 22 - may only score with stuff
block =2 points, =1 point for dig to
 Side B has 19 – rally score
 Balls go to Side A
Iowa Drill
6 v 6 (1 minute on the clock)
Side A receives serve and works to side
out- if/when they error, clock starts and
Side B receives free balls until side A
stops them.
 Once Side B is stopped, clock stops and
Side A receives next free ball.
 If Side A FBK, they move to next
rotation: Side A’s goal is to get all 6
rotations before 1 minute is up.
60 before 10
Each rotation you must earn 10 points
before you can rotate
 FBK = 2, any other point is = 1
 Goal is to get thru all 6 rotations in 10
+8 LS 3 v 6
All left sides play with setter and DS,
one at a time vs. 6
 Play it out- if left side scores FBK +2,
any other +1
 Total all points for each LS and calculate
hitting efficiency
10 Digs 6 v 6
May be played 4 vs. 4 as a Back Row Attack
game or 6 vs. 6
Coach initiated. 1st team to score 10 digs
Dig counts =1 pt. Hitter error =1 pt.
 Nothing else counts as points.
Keep running score for both teams –
 Digs can be off of tips, rolls, coverage balls, even
free balls just to encourage aggressive and smart
scoring opportunities.
Loser gets next ball so the winning side gets
1st opportunity to dig first.
Back Row to Live- Activate Scoring
Coach initiated with strong top spin entries or
served ball. Play to 10.
Every 1st ball must be attacked from the back
Once ball is attacked all players can become
front row players. Play that way until dead ball.
Emphasis is on dig to convert offense and
communication between diggers/hitters and
Activate scoring is scoring only after the
previous dig/pass is perfect (3).
If dig/pass is not perfect but hitter still terminates
play, that team receives next ball but no score.
Head Coach Christi Posey
 [email protected]
 Office-816-235-5829
 Cell-816-914-4118
201 Swinney Recreation Center
5100 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64110-2499

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