Xbox One vs. PS4

Xbox One vs. PS4
By Thomas Darden
Design and Build
• Both Systems are blocky and boast sharp angles.
• Xbox One has the feel of an old VCR
• PS4 has a 2 parallelogram platforms separated by a glowing blue line
• Xbox One controller is very similar to Xbox 360 controller
• PS4 Controller has a new touch screen accessory
• PS4 controllers are now similar to the Xbox controllers with concave analogs
• R2 and L2 buttons are now hook-like to prevent slipping
• Both Systems have an 8-core processors, 8 gigabytes of RAM, and 500
gigabyte hard drives.
• Advanced cameras with facial recognition that allows some games to be
played only with gestures. ( Eye vs. Kinect)
• Blu-Ray compatible.
• Non-Compatibility with previous games
• Cost for online access
• Xbox holds superior voice recognition and facial recognition technology
• Xbox camera can monitor mood and heart rate
• Xbox voice command works 9 out of 10 times, much more reliable than PS4
• PS4 Hard Drive is easily upgradable which proves useful for gamers with
large game libraries
• Xbox One is $430
• PS4 is $350 with separately sold camera for $45
• Xbox uses a more media approach to marketing.
• Xbox is a better choice for apps movies and voice commands
• Ps4 holds a slight advantage fore pure gamers.
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