Introduction to Transfusion of Blood Components and Products

Introduction to Transfusion of Blood Components
and Products Policy and Procedures
August 2014
Contributors: Transfusion of Blood Components and Products policy and procedure
Toolkit Development team.
New AHS Policy
In the 4th quarter of 2014, AHS will release a new policy
titled Transfusion of Blood Components and Products.
Why a new policy?
• Reinforces current practice
• Facilitates the safe transfusion of
patients in AHS
• Transfusion of a blood component is a
“liquid transplant”, and does pose risk
to patients.
• A provincial standard will aid in meeting
Provincial and National requirements for
documented evidence of initial training
and ongoing competency for personnel
involved in Transfusion.
• A collaborative working group consisting of
transfusion medicine, clinical, policy and
medical personnel was formed in Aug. 2013
to draft the policy and procedures.
• Stakeholder consultation via targeted
electronic survey was completed in March
• Overwhelming support in favour of the policy
and procedure was received.
• A sub group was struck to develop the toolkit
to aid in implementation of the policy and
Objectives of Policy
Consistent experience for the patient
Improve patient safety
Standardization of processes
Appropriate and effective utilization of blood
components and blood products
 Clarity in roles & responsibility
• 2 procedures have been developed to support the new
– Transfusion of Blood Components and Products –
Adult Acute
– Transfusion of Blood Components and Products –
Pediatric/Neonate Acute
Objectives of Procedures
• Consistent, defined practices to ensure safe transfusion
of all patients.
• Ensure the right product is given to the right patient.
• Provide protection for the blood component and
products, a valuable and limited resource.
• Monitor the transfusion process and provide a feedback
mechanism that helps ensure the quality and safety of
the blood supply.
AHS Policy Statement
Alberta Health Services is committed to promoting a safe,
effective process for acute care patients requiring blood
components and products.
Policy Elements
• The policy elements standardize the following for blood
components and products:
Informed written (signed) consent for transfusion
Transfusion competency
Collection of pre-transfusion specimens
Obtaining and verifying
Administration and monitoring
Adverse events/reactions
Documentation of transfusion
Patient notification
Policy Elements – Whose Responsibility?
All AHS Health Care Practitioners who are involved in any
aspect of transfusion medicine are responsible to:
• Be aware of the policy and procedures, and read them.
• Understand their individual roles and responsibilities as
identified in the policy and procedures.
• Complete the staff education modules.
Toolkit resources
In addition to the Policy and Procedures,
the resources suite includes:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Key Elements
Learning Module
PowerPoint presentation(s)
Patient education
Zone specific resources
Where Can I find the Policy Suite/ Associated
• The Transfusion of Blood Components and Products
Policy suite will be found on the Clinical Policy web
• This Power Point presentation along with the rest of the
toolkit to support this policy suite can be found through
the policy web page or directly from this link: (insert link)
• The staff education modules will be available on
MyLearningLink, or through manual download.
Contact: [email protected]

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