Registration Information

Important Fall registration dates (see email):
Open Registration
July 15 to August 22nd
Payment Deadline
August 22nd
Late Registration ($25 fee)
August 25 – 29th
no transcript entry
registered students only
September 2 – 10th
WP or WF grade
September 11- October 24th
Once logged in, first thing you do is check your holds and clear
them before you start to register.
Holds which will not allow you to register:
• GSBS Criminal Background Check
• Health Insurance Certification
• Immunization and Health Form Hold (Immun and
Hlth Form Hold)
• International Affairs Hold (Intl Affairs Hold)
• Residency Questions Form
• Tuition and Fees Delinquent Payment (T&F
Delinquent Payment)
Possible Subjects
Biomathematics and Biostatistics – GS01
Biophys, Med Phys, Nuclear Med) – GS02
Biochemistry – GS03
Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental
Biology – GS04
Immunology – GS06
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics – GS07
Human Genetics – GS11
Physiology, Reproductive Biology, Pathology
and Comparative Medicine – GS12
Pharmacology – GS13
Neuroscience – GS14
Other Course Offerings – GS21
Course Number = GS21
Instructor Last name = Mattox
Course Keyword =

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