Mapping Out the Speech: Outlines

Preparation Outline—map out material
› You do not submit a “prep outline”; but you
should map out your material
Speaking Outline—map out delivery
› Similar to the handout you submit for class
State your specific purpose
Identify the central idea (include in your intro)
Label each part of your Intro, Body, and
Use consistent pattern
State main points/sub-points as short
phrases/keywords/incomplete sentences
Label your connectives (e.g. transitions)
Include a reference list
› List in the speech outline where you will cite sources
Use framework of fuller outline
 Keywords and very short phrases
 Direct quotes and stats
 Make sure its legible
 Can also include delivery cues
Research and
•You’ve selected a topic; start researching. As
you research, map out the information that you
have. What do you want to include? Do you
have enough material?
and Outlining
•You have your information, now you can
finish up with your organization. What is the
logical order? How will you fit that into your
intro, body, and conclusion? Some people
may focus on the body of the speech during
the first step—focusing on the intro and
conclusion at this stage. Put your “map” into
your outline format.
word choice)
• Practice your delivery.
Are you using the
correct words? Vocal
variety? Eye contact?
Outline and Critique Sheets Posted
 Three Critique Sheets
 Typed outline
 Citations
9/25 – Practicing with Visual Aids
9/30 & 10/2 – Appropriate Language & Speech Delivery
Read Chapters 12 & 13
Recap #2 – Tuesday (Chapters 7-11 and 15; Excluding
Speech Workshop #12 – Stuck on an Island Speeches
(In Class – Thursday)
10/7 & 10/9 –Speech 2 (Informative Speeches)
NOTE: Withdrawals after 10/6 result in automatic
WF .
Speech Workshop #13 – Critique Sheets (Tuesday or
Thursday; depending on your speech day)
Speech workshop – Outlining
 Go back over your speech
 With your partner, write out an outline
› Intro (all elements)
› Body
 MP 1 (citation)
 MP2 (citation)
****Connective/Signal Close*****
› Conclusion (all elements)

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