What holy places can you name?
Say what makes them holy..
• Jerusalem - Christians
• Lourdes - Catholics
• Ganges (Varanasi) –
• Bodhi tree - Buddhists
• Wailing wall Jews(western wall)
The Kaaba:
Holiest place in Islam
• To describe what the Kaaba is
• To contrast different accounts of
the Kaaba
• To evaluate why the Kaaba is
imoprtant to Muslims
1. Read your account about the Kaaba. Answer the
questions about it.
2. You will be told when to swap. Then answer the
questions for the second account.
*Draw pictures for each account, to show how they
are different.
1. Nonmuslim
1. Explain two differences between the 2
accounts. Explain two similarities.
**Which version do you prefer to believe and
Moon god Hubal, chief god of other
360 idols worshipped there. Kaaba
was built for Hubal 400 yrs before
Muhammad*. No evidence of a
Kaaba before that.
Crescent moon on the roof
The black stone is a meteorite – but
because it came from heaven, it was
believed to link heaven and earth –
Mecca the gate of heaven and holy
centre of world.
M* removed idols, forbade worship
of Hubal, dedicated it to Allah for the
first time. He kept the black rock, but
moved it to corner.
2. Qu’ran
Qu’ran says that Abraham (&Ishmael)
built the original Kaaba, 1000 years BC. If
true, this would make the Kaaba the first
temple ever built to the One God.
It became corrupted with idol worship
Qu’ran says Adam and Eve were given
the black stone by angel to be the first
altar. Then Abraham also given it by an
angel and he built the Kaaba for it.
4. Abraham told by angel to proclaim that
everyone must go on pilgrimage to
M* removed idols to restore it back to Allah.
He kept the black rock, but moved it to
• What is the Kaaba?
• What do Muslims believe about it?
1. Draw a picture of the Kaaba
inside the Mosque alHaram.
2. Label the Kaaba, the black
stone, and Abraham’s
The Station of Abraham contains
what is said to be an imprint of
Abraham's foot.
Abraham is said to have stood on
this stone during the
construction of the Kaaba.

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