By: Lisi Harrison
PowerPoint By: Vivian Vu
Teacher: Mrs. Glenn
 Merston High School, Salem, Oregon
 Frankie's House
 Melody’s House
 Jackson’s House
 Outside
Frankie Stein, Frankenstein’s
granddaughter, And a RAD
(Regular Attribute Dodger)
Melody Carver, a Normie (Normal
Jackson Jekyll/ DJ Hyde, Dr.Jekyll/
Mr. Hyde's son, Melody’s crush, and
Candace Carver, Melody's sister,
and a normie
Cleo de Nile/ Cleo, Melody’s enemy,
Frankie, Blue, Lala and Clawdeen’s
friend, Deuce’s GF and a RAD
 Draculaura/ Lala, Blue, Frankie,
Cleo, Clawdeen’s Friend, and a RAD
Lagoona Blue/ Blue, Lala, Frankie
, Cleo and Clawdeen’s friend, and a
 Deuce Gorgon, Cleo’s BF, and a
Clawdeen Wolf,, Cleo, Frankie,
Lala, Blue’s Friend, and a RAD
Bekka, Melody’s ex- friend, and a
bad normie
Brett, Bekka’s ex- boyfriend , and a
In order:
Lagoona Blue, Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie
Stein, Draculaura, Deuce Gorgon, and
Cleo de Nile
There has been a monster sighting at the September semi that
“attacked” Brett and Bekka will do anything to capture that monster and
turn it in. But that Monster is Frankie, and she already caused enough
trouble. What will she do this time to not get turned in and ruin all the
RAD’s lives in Salem?
Bekka is blackmailing Melody with a video of Jackson, her crush, turning
into a RAD. She is going to show the video to everybody unless Melody
captures the monster that “attacked” Brett and turn it in. What will
Melody do before Jackson’s life is ruined?
 Brett thinks Frankie is Bekka and kisses her at
September semi. All of a sudden her stitches
come loose and her head falls off. Brett faints
and Frankie got took home by Clawd and her
parents fix her up. But Frankie is wanted by the
police. They saw the monster sighting and want
to capture her. And she can’t go anywhere or
she’s recognized and captured. She doesn’t
know what to do until Melody comes by.
 Melody leaves her phone in Bekka’s car
and Bekka sneaks a peek. She finds that
video of Jackson and blackmails Melody.
This helps Melody and Frankie become
friends and come up with a plan to get the
video back without turning Frankie in.
 When Melody starts school she meets two
girls, Bekka and Hailey. She signs a
paper that says they are going to be
friends forever and friends first. She
thinks that Bekka is the nicest person
ever. But she doesn’t know that Bekka
gets really jealous and mean.
 Frankie lies and tells her parents that
she’s going to the library but she really
isn’t she’s going to the spa with her new
friends, Lala, Blue, Claudine, and Cleo.
She forgets about the bolts on het neck
when she goes tanning. Then they start to
spark. There is a power outage and she ran
out so they wouldn’t find out she’s a
RAD. She gets soaked, her limbs are loose
and her energy is gone.
 After she wakes up it’s four in the morning
and her parents want to take her somewhere.
They leave the house and her parents tell her
they are going to RIP or RADI Intel Party .
The she see’s Lala, Blue, Cleo, and Clawdeen
there and they’re RADs too! Lala who’s name
is really Draculaura is a vegetarian
Vampire, Blue or Lagoona Blue is a saltwater
sea monster, Cleo is Cleo de Nile and is a
Mummy and Claudine or Clawdine Wolf is
a werewolf. She finally finds people like her.
And that are her friends.
 Read the next book, The Ghoul Next Door to find out.
 They think of a plan
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This is a PowerPoint by: Vivian Vu
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The Ghoul Next Door
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