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Mexico’s Fiscal Transparency Experience
Ministry of Finance Information
The Ministry of Finance has historically published information on public finance.
Some of this information was published as part of its
regulatory obligations.
However, information was also published by the Executive
initiative, as the case of the “Public Finance Statistics”.
This section includes monthly data on of the revenue,
expenditure, debt, transfers to local government, etc.
The Budget Transparency Portal
We decided to create a website with useful information on how resources are spent.
Unlike other international experiences, the portal´s objective is to disseminate information about
the entire budget, with a citizen-oriented vision.
For that we have:
• Gathered
budget information in one place.
• Presented information in plain language and open formats.
• Verified information that complies with the guidelines
proposed by international cooperation agencies and social
• Had direct and constant dialogue with social organizations
and members of academia.
• Generated easy access for the user.
• Established a data warehouse that would incorporate
the budget information that is generated periodically.
• Linked the portal with information systems of the Ministry,
so that the information is updated in real time.
The Budget Transparency Portal
The portal seeks to link all stages of the
budget process: planning, programming,
budgeting, exercise and control, monitoring,
evaluation and accountability.
Main objectives and contents of the Portal
Greater transparency in
Government Finance Statistics
Resources transfered to local governments
Budget Analytical information
Quarterly reports in open formats
Year-end report
Fiscal transparency in
citizen language.
Citizens budget
Citizen year-end report
Social media
Thematic transparency,
with particular attention
to citizens interests.
• Investment projects
• Performance information (indicators and goals)
• External evaluations
Liaison with Civil Society
OGP commitment to make all performance information public
Indicators Matrix,
Synthetic Model of
Performance Information
Open Data
- Goals
databases and
files can be
downloaded to
The data can be
found in open file
format "Excel" or
“CSV" that let the
users analyze and
play with the
Open data help locate
projects geographically,
make graphs and
comparative analysis,
among others.
Budget Transparency Publications
Citizens Budget is an initiative for the citizens to be informed, clearly and transparently,
how public resources are allocated and used.
It explains the process of the Federal Budget , its content and criteria used to decide: Who
spends it?, What is it spent on?, How is it spent? and where is it spent?.
The Citizens Budget can be downloaded for
viewing on iPad with dynamic texts and
This booklet summarizes the information contained in the Citizens Budget. It shows the
budget allocation and the priority programs of each sector (Education, Health, Social
Development, etc.).
This year was published the first edition of the Citizen Public Account, which explains the
destination and results of resources exercised during 2012.
It shows the main results of macroeconomic indicators, public finance and federal program
goals, as well as the resources transferred to the states.
Federal Budget Project 2014 (Citizens Version)
Detection of information needs
• Social Media
Communication through social media has been a key element, since it
can detect people’s information needs, and notify on new content and
other relevant information.
• Suggestion Box
By using this tool, we have been able to receive questions and concerns
of the public that help us publishing missing information and to detect
the level of use that the public give to certain data.
Transparency Award
In 2012 the Portal won the first place in the "Innovation Award of Transparency for Institutional
management improvement", awarded by the World Bank, the Federal Institute of Information
Access and Data Protection (IFAI), the Ministry of Public Administration, the National Institute for
Public Administration and the Supreme Audit Institution.
This portal helped Mexico to improve its score on the Open
Budget Index, from 52 to 61 points.
Thus, Mexico rose 13 positions in the global scale, ranking among
the countries that publish "sufficient budget information“.
Budget transparency applied
Transparency in the use of resources oriented for the reconstruction and emergency care.
Looking forward
Increase social engagement and participation with fiscal information to encourage
participation in public policy improvement.
Mexico’s Fiscal Transparency Experience

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