Transparency Beyond Mexico – OECD

Transparency Beyond Mexico
IATI Steering Committee
Lessons Learnt and proposals on a way forward for the Busan
« Transparency » indicator and the common standard
Guillaume Delalande, Policy Analyst, OECD, DCD/SDF
A few elements may need to be clarified
before the next version of the indicator
The definition of the common standard and its
governance structure
What is actually measured:
The common standard implementation
Information on resource flows
All information on development cooperation.
A number of
suggested methodological improvements
OECD systems and the IATI cannot be assessed
along the same parameters.
Timeliness : Statistical data differs from management data.
Comprehensiveness: not all fields are in the CRS.
In each dimension, some technical issues to
The possible addition of new dimensions (such as
Some proposals on a way forward
The creation of a multi-stakeholder group,
which could:
Ensure the necessary buy-in
Help clarify some of the definitions
Help address methodological and technical issues
(scope, presentation of results, etc.)
A consultative and transparent validation
Thank you !
The WP-Stat Paper:
“Transparency Beyond Mexico: Lessons learnt and proposals on a way forward for the
Busan transparency indicator and the common standard”

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