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Climate Action, Environment,
Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials
Mark Sweeney
1. Horizon 2020
2. Societal Challenge 5
3. Work Programme 2014-15
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€70 billion EU research and innovation funding programme
A core part of Europe 2020, Innovation Union & European
Research Area:
 Responding to the economic crisis to invest in future jobs
and growth
 Addressing people’s concerns about their livelihoods, safety
and environment
 Strengthening the EU’s global position in research,
innovation and technology
A single programme bringing together three separate
Coupling research to innovation – from research to retail,
all forms of innovation
Focus on societal challenges facing EU society, e.g. health,
clean energy and transport, etc.
Simplified access, for all companies, universities, institutes in
all EU countries and beyond
⃰ The 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7), innovation aspects of Competitiveness and Innovation
Framework Programme (CIP), EU contribution to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology
Climate action, resource efficiency and sustainable
development supported across the whole of Horizon 2020
At least 60% of the overall Horizon 2020 budget should be
related to sustainable development
Climate-related expenditure should exceed 35% of the overall
Horizon 2020 budget
 Concerns of citizens and society/EU policy objectives
(climate, environment, energy, transport, etc.) cannot be
addressed without innovation
 Breakthrough solutions come from multi-disciplinary
collaborations, including social sciences & humanities
 Promising solutions need to be tested, demonstrated and
scaled up
Horizon 2020 Budget
Funding (€ million, 2014-2020)
Health, demographic change and wellbeing
7 472
Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and
maritime and inland water research & the
3 851
Secure, clean and efficient energy *
5 931
Smart, green and integrated transport
6 339
Climate action, environment, resource efficiency
and raw materials
3 081
Europe in a changing world-inclusive, innovative and
reflective societies
1 309
Secure societies-protecting freedom and security of
Europe and its citizens
1 695
Science with and for society
Spreading excellence and widening participation
⃰ Additional funding for nuclear safety and security from the Euratom Treaty activities
1. Horizon 2020
2. Societal Challenge 5
3. Work Programme 2014-15
4. Support Available
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Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw
"to achieve a resource – and water – efficient and climate change
resilient economy and society,
the protection and sustainable management of natural resources
and ecosystems,
and a sustainable supply and use of raw materials,
in order to meet the needs of a growing global population within
the sustainable limits of the planet's natural resources and ecosystems."
 Integrated, systemic and challenge-driven approach
 Transformation towards a green economy and society
 More eco-innovation, including social innovation
 More socio-economic and forward-looking activities
 Inclusion of raw materials
 Environment and health now under "Health" Challenge
• To increase impact of funding, and a more integrated approach
 Bringing together activities from different challenges
 Providing support across the innovation cycle
 Use of funding schemes available
• Work programmes expected to have a 2 year-duration
 First Work Programme 2014-15
Horizon 2020 Focus Areas
Twelve focus areas - five linked to 'Climate action,
environment, resource efficiency and raw materials’:
• Waste: A resource to recycle, reuse and recover raw
• Water innovation: Boosting its value for Europe
• Energy-efficiency
• Disaster-resilience: Safeguarding society and adapting to
climate change
• Blue growth: Unlocking the potential of the oceans
Fighting and adapting to climate change
 Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems
 Sustainable supply of non-energy and non-agricultural raw
 Transition towards a green economy through eco-innovation
 Global environmental observation and information systems
 Cultural heritage
1. Horizon 2020
2. Societal Challenge 5
3. Work Programme 2014-15
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Structure of the Work Programme
 Waste Call
Focus Area
 Water Call
Focus Area
 Societal Challenge 5 Call: Growing a Low Carbon, Resource
Efficient Economy with a Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials
SC5 Themes
Waste: A resource to recycle, reuse
and recover raw materials
Major opportunity for European society
o environmental protection, reducing GHG
o economic growth and job creation
o access of valuable raw materials
Capitalise on EU strengths ->EU as market leader (€400 billion/year)
Innovation is key ->whole production & consumption cycle, across all sectors of
economic activities, with a better organisation of different actors, involvement of
all stakeholders including citizens
Supporting different EU initiatives -> Voices, Public-Private Partnerships on
Sustainable Process Industries (SPIRE PPP), Raw Materials EIP and on Bio-Based
Industries, contributing to the Resource Efficiency Road Map
Moving towards a circular economy through industrial
A systems approach for the reduction, recycling and reuse
of food waste
Recycling of raw materials from products and buildings
Towards near-zero waste at European and global level (4)
Preparing and promoting innovation procurement for
resource efficiency
Promoting eco-innovative waste management and
prevention as part of sustainable urban development(2)
Ensuring sustainable use of agricultural waste, co-products
and by-products
Water Innovation: Boosting its
value for Europe
Boost EU competitiveness, growth and jobs in EU water sector
Position Europe as a global market leader in water related
innovative solutions
Reinforcing Innovation in EU Water sector (innovation capacity and
market uptake of RTD results) will contribute to major EU and
global objectives
Support the needs of relevant EU water, innovation and resource
efficient policies, water related initiatives and international
commitments: EIP Water, EIP Agriculture, JPI on Water, SPIRE
PPP, IPCC, Rio+20, etc.
Bridging the gap: from innovative water solutions to market
replication (2)
Integrated approaches to water and climate change (2)
Stepping up EU research and innovation cooperation in the water
area (2)
Harnessing EU water research and innovation results for industry,
agriculture, policy makers and citizens (2)
Strengthening international R&I cooperation in the field of water
Themes covered:
 Fighting and adapting to climate change (5)
Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems (5)
Sustainable supply of non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials
Transition towards a green economy through eco-innovation (1)
Global environmental observation and information systems (4)
Cross-Challenge Topics (2)
Fighting and Adapting to
Climate Change
Building the foundations for the development of European
climate services
Supporting climate policy through the development of
strategic capabilities in climate projection, prospective
economic analysis and international cooperation
Preparing for future advances in IPCC reports
Fostering the implementation of adaptation solutions
Advanced Earth-system models
The economics of climate change and linkages with
sustainable development (2)
Coordinating and supporting research and innovation for
climate action (2)
ERA for Climate Services
Improving the air quality and reducing the carbon footprint
of European cities
Protecting the Environment,
Sustainably Managing Natural
Resources, Water, Biodiversity and
The aim of this activity is to provide knowledge and tools for a
balanced management and protection of natural resources.
Research and innovation activities should therefore
contribute to reversing the trends that damage the
Innovative actions should also ensure that ecosystems
continue to provide the resources, goods and services that are
essential for sustainable development.
Biodiversity and ecosystem services: drivers of change and
Preparing and promoting innovation procurement for soil
Consolidating the European Research Area on biodiversity
and ecosystem services
Coordinating and supporting research and innovation for the
management of natural resources (3)
More effective ecosystem restoration in the EU
Ensuring the Sustainable Supply of
Non-Energy and Non-agricultural raw
The European "Raw Materials Initiative" (launched in 2008)
Ensure level playing field in access to resource in third countries
Foster sustainable supply from European sources
Boost resource efficiency and recycling
The European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials
(COM(2012) 82 final - 29 February 2012)
New solutions for sustainable production of raw materials (5)
Innovative and sustainable solutions leading to substitution of
raw materials (2)
Coordinating and supporting raw materials research and
innovation (6)
Enabling the transition towards a
green economy through ecoinnovation
Decoupling growth from the use of natural resources
Eco-innovation as the main driver of Green Economy
Eco-innovation creates major opportunities for growth and jobs
in Europe and internationally
Green growth tackled globally and contributes to international
Consolidating global knowledge on the green economy in support
of sustainable development objectives in the EU and
Developing Comprehensive
and Sustained Global
Environmental Observation
and Information Systems
Comprehensive environmental observation and information
systems to stimulate the smart use of resources.
Information and knowledge from these systems will also be
used to support evidence-based policies and develop new
opportunities in global markets.
Free and open access to data for Earth observation and
monitoring will be encouraged.
Making Earth Observation and Monitoring Data usable for
ecosystem modelling and services
Coordinating and supporting Earth Observation research and
innovation in Europe and in the North African, Middle East,
and Balkan region (2)
Strengthening the European Research Area in the domain of
Earth Observation
Demonstrating the concept of 'Citizens' Observatories'
Cross-Challenge Issues
 Coordinating and supporting research and innovation in the
area of climate action, environment, resource efficiency and
raw materials (2)
 Boosting the potential of small businesses for eco-innovation
and a sustainable supply of raw materials – SME Instrument
Environment-related projects across Themes /
Use the Topics Search!
Food, Agriculture…
- Rationale and Area Covered
 Historic buildings provide essential infrastructure in European
cities but mostly need more energy-efficient solutions for
upgrading and adaptation
 Energy strategies and solutions for deep renovation of historic
Blue Growth: Unlocking the
Potential of the Oceans
The objective is to address wide and complex ocean
challenges which are cross-cutting in nature
Developing in-situ Atlantic Ocean Observations for a better
management and exploitation of the maritime resources
Improving the preservation and sustainable exploitation of
Atlantic marine ecosystems
Strengthening international cooperation in the field of marine
European polar research cooperation
Disaster-Resilience: Safeguarding
Society and Adapting to Climate
Science and innovation for adaptation to climate change: from
assessing costs, risks and opportunities to the development
and demonstration of technologies, options and practices
2014 Calls:
 1-stage application: 08/04/2014
 2-stage application: 08/04/2014 and 16/09/2014
2015 Calls:
 1-stage application: 10/03/2015
 2-stage application: 16/10/2014 and 10/03/2015
1. Horizon 2020
2. Societal Challenge 5
3. Work Programme 2014-15
4. Support Available
5. Contact us
 National Support Network headed by a National Director
 Dedicated national office at heart of a distributed network of
delegates and contact points
 National Experts assigned to all areas
 National Delegate & Contact Point
 Horizon 2020 SC5 Advisory Committee
 Provide Info to the Research Community
 Participants in ERA-Nets (Research Funders)
 Member State Mirror Group of the WssTP
 Joint Programming Initiatives (Water & Climate)
 EIP on Raw Materials & on Water
 Builds Research Capacity & knowledge
 Research leads to high impact publications
 Raises profile of research team & SME
 Access to international infrastructures & researchers
 Biggest route to internationalisation in Ireland
 Diversifies research grant income
 Novel dissemination/outreach mechanism
Information days
Contact / Support
Review of proposals
Partner Search Facility
Online Catalogue of Irish Expertise
Any suggestions?
Let us know if you intend to apply!
Tips for Beginners
Networking, Networking, Networking….
Clarify your Scientific Niche
Identify Who is Who in this Scientific Niche
Join the relevant European Associations & Networks
Establish a Role (“Participate”) in the European Scientific
Promote Scientific Expertise to future partners
Become a “Guru” on Horizon 2020
Get involved in the “Background Initiatives” (JPIs, EIPs,… )
Participate first as partner (CSA, Small research projects)
Contact Us!!!
Based on 2007/2008 results
National Working Group
Dialogue with main stakeholders,
Encourage information sharing / feedback,
Gain insight of Irish Participation,
Identify priority research from a National perspective,
Ensure better representation of Irish priorities,
Foster collaborative linkages between Irish organisations,
Encourage a national platform for Environmental Research,
Discuss national support offered
Each member represents their own organisation.
Coordination support for academics
Travel grants for academic researchers
Support for companies participating in H2020
1. Horizon 2020
2. Societal Challenge 5
3. Work Programme 2014-15
4. Support Available
Contact us
Environment National Contact Point & Delegate:
 Dr. Alice Wemaere, EPA ([email protected])
 Dr. Brian Donlon, EPA ([email protected])
Mark Sweeney, EI ([email protected])
DIT Working Group Member:
Andy Maguire

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