work programme of Platform 2 - Eastern Partnership Civil Society

EaP Platform 2 –
Discussion on WP
Presentation to Civil Society Forum
Michaela Hauf, DG ENTR,
Unit for International Affairs and Missions for Growth
Brussels, 13th May 2013
Platform 2:
Economic Integration
and Convergence with
EU Policies
Platform 2
Work Areas
Public Finances
Labour Market/
Social Policies
Environment &
Climate Change
& Financial
Upcoming Work Programme
Duration of
upcoming WP
still to be
decided by
Platform 1
Input to be
provided by
EaP Partners,
CSF, MS and
involved DGs
Discussion of
overview at
Adoption of
WP at Autumn
Please note that the Work Programme is
only at a draft stage and the following
proposals have not yet been approved.
Transport Panel
Technical seminars to promote regulatory
convergence – your priorities?
Prioritisation of Infrastructure Projects
located on the EaP transport network
SME Panel
Participation in the Programme on the Competitiveness of Enterprises and
2nd Round of SME Policy Assessment (focus on output) to improve
business environment
Dedicated Implementation Project (in specific sectors)
SME Flagship Initiative – EastInvest II, STAR, EGP/BAS, SME Finance
Continuation of Business Forum
Environment & Climate Change Panel
Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS)
GREEN project (focus on priority areas of EaP countries)
Enforcement of Association Agreements and EU acquis
Clima East Package
Regional dialogue on climate change policies
Cooperation in the area of biodiversity
Trade Panel
Implementation of DCFTAs regarding horizontal
(standardisation, ACAAs) and sectoral legislation (e.g. SPS) –
participation of business community
Customs Trade Facilitation Training for Young Customs
Managers – e.g.:
Customs valuation
Classification of goods
Customs declarations processing
Intellectual property right protection
Authorised economic operator scheme
Common transit procedure
Panel on Agriculture and
Rural Development
Cooperation and exchange of best practices:
Fragmented land holdings and lack of producer cooperation and integration
Non-existence of rural development policy, assigned competence or budget resources
Low level of professionalism and training in rural communities
Gaps in standards, regulations, legislation and comparative information
Under-developed food safety system: sanitary-veterinary
Outdated technology and lack of appropriate infrastructure and investment in rural areas
Lack of food security in strategic cereal and animal origin products
Taxation and Public Finances
Labour Market & Social Policies
Cooperation in the area of labour migration
Skills anticipation and matching supply with demand in the
labour (also link between education and labour market)
Employment of people with disabilities
Exchange of experience regarding active and healthy aging
and palliative medicine
Macroeconomic & Financial Stability
Dialogue on conduct of sound fiscal, monetary and exchange
rate policies, effective public finance management, financial
stability and oversight, general economic reforms to improve
the investment climate and increase the economic growth
Sharing of experience on important economic issues of
interest to partner countries, i.e. on recent developments in
relation to the Euro, the banking sector, the interdependence
of the region with the EU
Information Society
Network of Electronic Communication Regulators
Impact analysis on electronic communication regulation in EaP countries
Analysis on state of play of audio-visual and media policy
EaP regional policy workships in Information Society policies (e.g.
eSignature, eGovernment, eHealth)
Sharing information and best practices of EU in the field of creation ICT
Technological Parks and Innovation Centres
To send your input or for further
information please contact:
Michaela Hauf
Policy Officer Eastern Partnership
[email protected]

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