Indonesia Internet eXchange / IIX

Indonesia Internet eXchange
Harijanto Pribadi, Dept. Head of IIX APJII 2012
Introduction of APJII
 Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII) or
Indonesia Internet Service Provider Association are Non
Profit Organization also Non Government Organization,
formed at the First National Conference on May 15, 1996
 Our member all Indonesia ISP (include big operator : Telkom,
Indosat, XL Axiata) and many other ISP spread to all
Indonesia region , total = 265 members (ISP and NAP) until
the end of July, 2012.
 APJII also known as Indonesia NIR with name IDNIC under
Indonesia Internet Industry structure
 By Indonesia government regulation, Internet Service
Provider (ISP) must subscribe the IP Transit from Network
Access Provider (NAP) as global upstream.
 Indonesia Internet eXchange (IIX) as local/domestic IXP
between Indonesia ISP.
Indonesia Internet Industry Schema
Organization of APJII
 Board of trusty, Elected from and by members each 3 years
via members assembly
 Board of executive, Elected from and by members each 3
years via members assembly
 Operational Staffs, Assocation employee
Indonesia Internet Users Overview
 Indonesia Population ~ 245million
 Internet users ~ 62.9 million based on latest research by APJII
 Facebook users ~ 41 million
 50 Gbit/s aggregate domestic traffic
 60 Gbit/s International traffic
 40 million students connected
 25 million online media regular visitors/day
Asia Top Internet Countries
Asia Pacific IPv6 Deployment Status 2012
Organization Structure of APJII
IIX Overview
 launched on June 1997, operational start from Aug 1997 by
APJII sponsored by CISCO, Intel and HP.
 Designed by APJII and Cisco (USA) Make 15 ISPs connected
 IIX Update on August 2012:
 IPv4 peers = 117, Advertised prefixes (IPv4) = > 6200
 IPv6 peers = 27, Advertised prefixes (IPv6) = 111
 Hardware:
 Router: Juniper M7i, Cisco 3700
 Switch: Cisco Catalyst 3750, Force10, Brocade
Multi Lateral Peering Agreement (MPLA)
 Advertise own prefix and receive all prefix via BGP4 peering
with AS7597(IIX) between MPLA members
 Best-path depend on member BGP configuration
 Not advertise prefix from global upstream to AS7597(IIX)
 Route prefix advertising maximum 24 bits.
 Routing Policy based on RIPE181 or new recommendation
publish by IETF
 This MPLA implemented as best-effort service
IIX Current Topology
IIX Background
 Faster Local Traffic Exchanging by dropping delay time of local sites
access from an average ping of 700ms to 7ms
 New opportunities of deploying internet based applications due to
the delay sensitiveness
 Internet Cost Reduction (International Bandwidth Saving)
 Stimulating the growth of local Indonesian content
 Security for e-commerce since local packets will not go through the
global internet
 Implementations of e-gov with local internet traffic
IIX as Local/Domestic IXP
BGP Report
BGP Report :
Period 2010 – Aug 2012 :
Number of Peers
Number of Prefixes
Traffic (Range)
1 ~ 2 Gbps
2 ~ 3 Gbps
~ 6200
~ 6 - 7 Gbps
Traffic Growth
Top 5 Indonesia ISP traffic utilize IIX
 Telkomnet
800 Mbps
 Biznet
600 Mbps
 Cepatnet
300 Mbps
 Telin
150 Mbps
 Orion
120 Mbps
IIX Deployment cross the nation
IIX design based on Layer2 IXP
IIX at Major City in Indonesia
 Develop 33 IIX node on 33 Province where Nusantara Internet
eXchange (NIX) exist , NIX is government project operate by
private company who win the tender. The government pay
OPEX to NIX operator, NIX operator and IIX-APJII have MoU
to develop local IXP on each NIX facilities. (future)
IIX at Major City in Indonesia
IIX Challenge
 Encourages local and global content provider to put or direct
peer the application server, cache data network and their
cloud server on IIX.
 Develop partnership with other IXP, domestic and overseas
by members permission via Open Policy Meeting (OPM)
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