WordPress Workshop PPT

WordPress Workshops
Workshop Agenda
Digital Identity Management
How WP Fits Into MCDM Pedagogy
Wordpress Accounts and Configuration
Profiles: WP/Gravatar and Google
Digital Identity Management
• Why?
• Important Venues
– Google Profile
– Wordpress Profile
– Twitter
– Disqus
How MCDM Faculty Use WP
• Course Syllabi
• Student
– Reading Reflections
– Resource Sharing
– Projects
• Difference between public, private writing
Baseline: Survey Results
What Is WP?
– Not just blogging
• WordPress.com and WordPress.org
– About 60M WP sites
– 300+M people visit WP.com monthly
– 500,000 new posts/day
Account Basics
• Setting Up Accounts (determine need)
• Configuring Accounts (everyone)
• Advanced WP users:
– Integrating MCDM content into self-hosted WP
– Difference between WP.com and WP.org
• Set up Google Profile and WP Profile
• If no Twitter account, set up Twitter account
• Kathy E. Gill, @kegill, gplus.to/kegill,
[email protected]
– Presentation at WiredPen.com, Slideshare.net
• Presentation Licensing
– CC License
– Non-commercial, Attribution, Share-and-share

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