Using Tealware for SAM Projects

Whether you are on or off campus, using a PC,
Mac or mobile device, you can access UNCW
software (including Microsoft Office) through
TealWare in the Teal Cloud. Please note that this
is a secure, private cloud for the UNCW campus
TealWare provides a solution for CSC105
students who use a Mac or who don’t have the
2013 Windows version of Microsoft Office, when
SAM projects are assigned later in the semester.
Timmy is the name of a UNCW file server
which provides students with 20MB of
storage space.
It is secure and backed-up nightly.
It is available from on or off campus.
It eliminates the need for portable drives.
Timmy folders are created automatically for
all students.
These slides will guide you through how to
use both TealWare and Timmy.
If at any time you need more specific help,
see the links below.
Tealware info:
Timmy info:
If this is
your first
time using
you will be
to install
the Citrix
client. If
click run
from the
top yellow
If connections
aren’t available
on the CSB VD,
click on the
UNCW Desktop
– VD in the
If a File Security box appears,
choose any of the three access
choices – it won’t matter.
Launch Internet Explorer
Log into SAM:
Locate the SAM project and the associated starter files
Save the project’s starter file(s) by clicking on each link
5. When the File Download dialog box appears, choose Save As (by
clicking the down arrow)
Locate Computer on the left
pane (you may need to scroll
down to find it.)
Double-click if necessary to
expand it.
Your drive will be called
timmy, not sammy, but
otherwise it should be the
Consider creating New
Folders to organize your
• From the “Virtual” Start Menu, choose All Programs, double-click the
Microsoft Office 2013 folder, and launch Word 2013
• You may be advised that
an ica file is being
launched. Accept the
warning to proceed.
• Be patient – it may take
several seconds for it to
• If a File Security window
pops up, you can allow
access or block as you like.
Either will work.
Choose Open
-> Computer
-> Browse
Locate the saved file(s) on timmy
Save them back to the same location
Minimize or close Word, but try not to close
the Citrix Viewer (TealWare)
• Return
to the SAM project submission page
• Upload your project file from Timmy
• Submit the file for scoring
• Check the Reports tab to see what if anything
you missed
• Revise and resubmit up to 4 more times.
• Log out of SAM
• Close out of TealWare
• You’re done!

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