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Social Care and Inclusion
Talk about charging
Thank you for taking time to talk to us about
charging for community social services
The Council has to make hard decisions
We want to carry on supporting vulnerable people
This document explains what we are talking
about and why, what he have done so far
and how you can get involved.
What do you think about how we charge people?
Contact us or attend a meeting
For more information
You want information in another language or format.
[email protected]
0845 111 2910
Councillor Diane Coughlan,
Portfolio holder for social
care and inclusion
0300 555 2922
07834 114482
Keith Skerman, Executive
director, social care and
The council is looking at what people pay
who live in their own home for community social
There is a need to change how you pay for
service due to changes in the law
Take into account new law and guidance
What have we done so far?
Spoken and met with other people
Met with representatives
Met with key groups of service users
and carers.
Held focus groups
What else have we done?
Speaking to existing service users
and carers
Used this feedback given
Taken into account complaints
What do we want to do?
We want to treat people fair how we charge for services.
Government wants councils to make people pay towards the community
social services they have. The new laws gives councils the right to make
choices whether to charge for these services.
Walsall has a fairer charging policy which asks people who are eligible
to pay towards the cost of their care services
Day centres
Community alarms
Home care
Extra care housing
Direct payments
Law says some social
services are free
You will pay depending on
what money you have
When looking at what
money you have, If you
have less than £14,250 ,
council will take no
£14,250 - £23,250
If you have £14,250 and
£23,250, council will take into
account what you will pay for.
If you have more than £23,500,
council may ask for the full cost.
+ £23,500
If you own the home you live in, council’s
can’t take your home into account
when charging for services
To see how much money you
have the council will do a
money assessment, some of
the benefits you get may be
taken into account.
The council cannot take into
account these benefits
• Mobility component of Disability living allowance
• Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement
• Night Care Payment
• Child Tax Credit
The council should give you
information about your
Council must allow you
money to help you live with
your disability before they
charge you
Council must ignore your
wages if you work
Council to make sure you know why you are
asked to be pay, and if you don’t understand to
find someone to help you understand, it could be
an advocate.
The council must treat everyone the same. If
you do have to pay, the money you get must
not be less than the basic level of income
support , guarantee credit or pension credit
plus 25%.
People wanted to see a fair policy across all
groups of people.
A easy system to understand assessments,
and how to pay.
If a charge is to be made, it would be
best to pay from the start. This may
stop people from using services
Carers being charged: people thought this
should be charged for, depending on if they
could afford to pay.
Other people agreed that carers were good
for the care market and should be not be
asked to pay towards the cost of their
If people receive good quality care they
are more likely to pay for it.
More needs to be done to reach who
find consultation difficult to understand
Under the Care Act and Children and
Families Act 2014, local authorities will
have new responsibilities
Self funders – people who pay for
the own care, the council may
charge to arrange care on a persons
Carers can be assessed and receive
support in their own right, and could have
to pay for these services.
Under the Children’s Act and Families Act ,
parent carers with a child with eligible needs,
may also be assessed and receive supports in
their own right.
Children's services will be responsible for
meeting children’s needs. Council will meet
parental support needs as well.
For more information on the Care Act, please see
Service users will have a personal
budget and could get a direct
Choose different ways how to
support themselves.
New charging policy will
need to show this
The council may decide one
policy and how these are
paid for all community based
Speak to people about charges
who take their personal budget as
a direct payment
To look at how to make the
best use of technology
To workout the charges for
themselves, which may
reduce a full assessment
Social Care & Inclusion provides
other services e.g people under the
age of 80, who do not have
assessed needs.
Charging for residential and
nursing home care are not going
to be talked about
You want information in another language or format.
[email protected]
0300 555 2922
0845 111 2910
07834 114482
01543 372947
Walsall Council Social Care &
Inclusion, Zone 3D, Third Floor
Civic centre, Darwall Street,
Walsall WS1 1TP
Our Walsall
There are meetings which people can
attend to talk to people. These are on
the website
After April 2015 people will know
how the council will charge people
for community based social

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