Beema Girls Hostel Project Ladakh

Beema Girls Hostel Project
General information
• H.H Drikungpa Kyabgön
Chetsang Rinpoche
• Founder and initiator of the
Ladakh school and Youth project
• With the help of H.H Kyabgön
Chetsang Rinpoche and the kind
donations of many, the Village of
Beema in the Aryan valley of
Ladakh has allready built a full
Govermental school and a Hostel
housing for the Boys of Beema
and the surrounding Villages.
Our project
• Our Aim is to build a Hostel housing for the Girls.
• The kids of the surrounding Villages and Beema have to take hours of
walk to reach the school. Of course private cars and public transportation
are not available as we know it in the western countries.
• Since the boys hostel is allready built we also want to give the young girls
the possiblity to stay at school permenantly over the whole semester to
learn and participate the classes.
• We allready recieved a big amount in donation that made it possible to
start the Construction.
'One child, one teacher, one book, one
pen can change the world.‘
Malala Yousafzai
This is a project for all Children no matter which ethnic or religious
background they have.
If this our all future is to be in Peace and Freedom for all sentient beeings
then we need to Invest in our children!!!
I am personally involved in this project and as a Dharma practitioner it is
my duty to begg for offerings but not for my self, so with all my deepest
Please help us to build this wonderful place for wonderful children for a
wonderful future.
With my deepest Thanks and Prayers
Human Afschari (Konchock Norbou)

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