Sri Yagam -

A Unique Mass Prayer for World Peace & Prosperity
A Unique Mass Prayer for World Peace & Prosperity
First time ever 33 Kunda Sri Yagam for World Peace & Prosperity
Vedas, Upanishaths, Bhagavatam, Sri Ramayana , Sri Mahabharatha, Srimad
Bhagavad Githa , Puranas, Sri Bhashya, Divya Prabandham and many more
scriptures will be chanted simultaneously
This is the first time ever a Yagam of this magnitude is being performed in a
completely authentic way with 108 Vedic Scholars, in United States of America
Hundreds of volunteers and thousands of devotees are already involved
Several temples, organizations and firms from all over the world are joining in this
Mass Prayer
Six Ishtis for fulfillment of individual wishes will be performed
Above all, the entire event will be performed under the auspices of HH Sri Sri Sri
Tridandi Chinna Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji
For All of US
We are going through some tough and turbulent times. Some of
these are man made while some are driven by forces of nature.
Economic Crisis
Global Warming
Vedic practice dictates performing Viswa Santhi Yagam
The world in harmony
The world in crisis
Viswa Santhi Sri Yagam
July 23rd to Aug 1st
As per Vedic Science, Yagam is the most effective form of
Collective Prayer. This is done by offering oblations through
holy fire in a sanctified altar (Kunda)
The Power of Collective Prayer …
Moves Mountains
Works across distances
Provides Solace
Promotes positive cellular and
DNA changes
Sri Lakshmi Narayana and Nakshathras
Sri or Lakshmi is compassion personified. Sri is also the
divine spouse of Narayana, the controller and protector of
this universe.
Narayana Suktham - “Anthar bahischa
tat sarvam vya:pya Na:ra:yna Stithaha”
Purusha Suktham – “Hri:shathe
Lakshimscha Patnyow”
Narayana – supports every object in this
universe and fulfils our needs.
Na:ra:yana can be recognized through
Lakshmi or Sri as His divine spouse.
He is the indweller and divine
commander of all objects
Sri is compassion personified and the
divine mediator
It is said in the Vedas that by praying to Sri Maha Lakshmi,
Srimannarayana, the controller and protector of this
Universe, will fulfill our wishes.
Sri listens to Our
Recommends our
case to Narayana
Narayana fulfills our needs
Through fire oblations, positive energy in people around the
world and the energy in the Devathas (care takers of nature)
is invoked thereby promoting Peace and Harmony.
People around the
Invoke the positive
energy in people
around the world and
in the Elements.
Vedas say that each element of nature in
this world is taken care by a certain
Ether or Sky
As per Vedic Astrology, there are 27 Nakshathras (lunar
mansions) that govern the life on this earth. By offering
oblations to the indweller of the Nakshathras, we will have
activated the positive energies of every life on this earth
thereby promoting Harmony and Peace.
12 Zodiac Signs in reference to Earth
(not drawn to scale)
12 Zodiac Signs and 27 Nakshatras in reference to
Earth (not drawn to scale)
Nakshatra means that which does not decay. Each living being is born into one of the 12
Rasis (or Zodiac Signs) and into one of the 27 Nakshatras
Includes …
33 Kundas (or fire altars of prayer). 27 representing 27
Nakshathras, 4 altars to pray to 4 Vedas, 1 for Lakshmi
Narayana and 1 for Ishti homam.
1 per Nakshatra
1 per Veda
Ruthwicks (Vedic Scholars)
will be performing the
Yagam under the aegis of
HH Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar
For Sri Lakshmi Narayana
For Ishti of the day
Through 6 Ishti homams one can also obtain special grace.
Sri Sudarsana Ishti For
Good Health and Protection
Sri Vishwaksena Ishti For
Success in all endeavors
Sri Hayagriva Ishti For
Good Memory and Studies
Sri Lakshmi Narayana Ishti For
Wealth and Prosperity
Sri Vynatheya Ishti For
Good Children
Sri Nrusimha Ishti For
Eliminating planetary
The entire procedure will be officiated and led by HH Sri Sri
Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.
• HH Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayna Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
will be officiating the procedure.
• HH is a world renowned humanitarian, philosopher, scholar
and a realized soul from the state of Andhra Pradesh in S.
India. HH has a deep and thorough understanding of the
principles expounded in the Vedas, Upanishads, Itihasas,
Puranas, and the Divya Prabandha.
• Through his universal message of Serve All Beings as Service
to God HH has transformed the lives of millions around the
world. HH lit a small lamp in 1982 called Jeeyar Education
Trust (JET). As of 2009, JET has evolved globally into 23+
chapters in 5 continents and 7 service wings and into 75K+
agents of service to make this message a reality.
• HH has conducted several thousands of Yagams and
Deekshas throughout the world for the benefit of
humanity. In addition, His Holiness' social service projects
over the past three decades include disaster relief in all parts
of the globe, medical care, veterinary care, infrastructure
development in the remotest parts of India, and educational
and vocational opportunities for the blind and the tribal kids.
Get Involved
Sri Mantra Japam and Lekhanam
As a precursor to this event devotees all
over the world have already started Sri
Mantra Japam (chanting) and Sri
Mantra Lekhanam (writing the divine
‘Sri’ mantra).
Every individual is advised to
participate in the Sri Mantra Japam
and/or Lekhanam to seek the blessings
of Universal Mother, and the Supreme
Let us all participate in Viswa Santhi Sri
Yagam either directly or indirectly
Wishing your Participation …
Spread The
• Among your near and dear about this event and how they can
get involved
• Participate in Sri Mantra Lekhanam and Sri Mantra Japam
In the areas of your interest:
• Publicity
• Fund Raising
• Cultural Events
• Reception
• Souvenir
One of more of the categories:
• The entire event
• Food, Construction, ground transportation
• Yagam (Homa kundas, Vastrams or Clothes, Flowers, Ghee.
• Ishtis
• Any other items of interest
• Advertisements in Souvenir
For additional information please visit:
Let us all join and Pray for
World Peace & Prosperity
Viswa Santhi Sri Yagam at a Glance
• A unique mass Vedic prayer with a ultimate cause – World Peace and Prosperity.
• We are going through some tough and turbulent times. Some of these are man made and
some are driven by nature.
• Yagam is a time honored way of Prayer.
• Viswa Santhi Sri Yagam, the mass collective prayer for World Peace & Prosperity is the
• The Yagam will be officiated by world renowned Humanitarian, Philosopher and Scholar,
His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.
• The event has a global representation from 5 continents. Several faiths, temples and
institutions are supporting and participating in this event.
• Hundreds of volunteers are undergoing a 4 month long preparatory phase of
meditation/chanting and writing of the mantram for World Peace and Prosperity
• WE ALL are the ultimate beneficiaries.
When &
• Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji will be officiating the event and 108 Ruthwicks (specially
trained Vedic Scholars) will be performing the Yagam.
• The Yagam will be performed for 9 days from July 23rd through August 1st at
222 Dey Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512.
Please contact your local area coordinators for more information
and how to get involved.
[email protected], Ph: 1 209 253 8872
222 Dey Rd, Cranbury, NJ 08512
Local Area Coordinators

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