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Organic Farm Clinic
Cambodia Innovation Plan
31 October 2012
Project Rational
PADEE is $40M, 6 years project, targeted
90,000 households in 5 provinces
One of the project component is to
improved access to markets.
This is about: (i) Access to more stable and
premium markets by enabling famers to deal
with large buyers as a group, (ii) Improved
quality production and the introduction of
standards, and (iii) improved and shortened
supply chains with fewer intermediaries.
Organic Farm Clinic Project will help to
implement this component through piloting
a role model in the two province of Takeo
and Kandal.
Takeo province is the province where the
MAFF is working on promoting the organic
rice farming.
Kandal Province is the province close to
Phnom Penh Capital whereby most of the
vegetables are growing in this area.
Learning Rout on Pro-Poor Rural PPP
Shown the evidence of:
• Introduction of organic farming technology
• Important role of the Private Sector
• Contract farming modality
• How to run organic agriculture market
• Important role of marketing
Establish a facility network to get access to the
know how and facilities across the neighboring
countries: Thailand and Vietnam
The Organic Farming Clinic Project (OFCP) is
packing the opportunities and lesson learnt
from learning route on PPP into sustainable
PPP model for Cambodia.
Project Purpose
• The project purpose is to help PADEE in
achieving its impact through innovation
practices in improving the livelihoods of
90,000 poor rural HH in the target communes
of Kampot, Kandal, Prey Veng, Svay Rieng and
Takeo provinces.
Project Objective
The development objective is to:
(i) improve agricultural productivity through
organic farming practices,
(ii) link farmer to premium market, and
(iii) establish sustainable learning centre or farm
treatment centre.
Project Component
The project has four closely inter-related
(i) Improved access to innovation practices on
rice and livestock raising, and vegetable
(ii) Improve access to organic market
(iii) Improve awareness on Safety Food product,
(iv) Project Coordination and Management.
Improved access to innovation
• Forming 2 Role Model Farmer Cooperatives
• Setting up organic farm learning/treatment
center for organic rice production and chicken
• Setting up learning/treatment center for organic
vegetable production
• Scaling up best innovation practices for organic
farm through learning route modality with local
and Thai (and Vietnamese) farmers or learning
Improve access to organic market
• Certification of the safety agriculture goods
• Marketing: packaging and branding
• Sale points
Improve awareness on Safety Food
• Media broadcasting
• Farmer training
Project Coordination and Management
• Project Innovative Team
• The management of the project, including
software, hardware, M&E and Support, and
policy dialogue, is hosted by PADEE for 6 years
• Improved access to innovation practices :
US$55,000 (100,000 from PADEE + US$5,000
from partnership with IFAD regional programme
• Improve access to organic market : US$30,000
from PADEE
• Improve awareness on Safety Food product :
US$20,000 from PADEE
• Project Coordination and Management
Total: US$105,000 for 3 years
Premium Market
Organic Farm Clinic
Logical Framework
Results hierarchy
Help PADEE in
achieving its impact
through innovation
70% of HH participate Main impact study
in the project
budgeted under
increase their value
of household assets
on average by 25%
PADEE not project at
Improved access to
innovation practices
•Access to organic
best practices in the
•70% of participated
farmer adopt
•Self reliance of the
learning center 3 year
after the project
•Annual Outcome
survey under PADEE
•Political Partnership
Stability with
Thailand and Vietnam
•No major natural or
man-made disasters
Organic farm product
gain 20% of market
Annual market
Improve access to
organic market and
awareness raising of
safety foods
Means of verification Assumptions
•Farmer Family HH
Continued economic
growth at national
Call for for partnership
(US$5,000 for PY1)
• Thailand and Vietnam
• Application of the learning route modality
across the boarder
• Establish a facility network to get access to the
know how
• Support for technology transfer facilities and

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